atelier 522 firma il progetto per la profumeria Gradmann 1864 di Singen

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Scents and eyecatchers.

atelier 522 designed the Parfümerie Gradmann 1864.

A world of a thousand scents and inspirations. Attractive and diverse. In the fifth generation, the Gradmann 1864 perfumery invites its customers to experience the world of beauty with all senses.

atelier 522 designed the Parfümerie Gradmann 1864

“The power of calm”

The design concept for the branch in Singen in the Cano shopping center is made by the german design office atelier 522 and conveys the spirit of the times to life. A harmonious and modern play of colors and materials that appeals to young and old alike and that creates a cross-sensory experience. With the result that there is no other chance then immerse yourself in the world of beauty and lifestyle products.

Whoever wants to be beautiful is allowed to feel

In eleven perfumeries between the Konstanz headquarters and Esslingen, the family-run company offers its customers everything that makes the beauty heart beat faster in the areas of make-up, fragrance and care. This flair should also be carried on in the city center of Singen. On 400 sqm, the space concept with its highlight placements invites you to discover the world of Gradmann.

atelier 522 designed the Parfümerie Gradmann 1864

Shopping with all your senses

In the middle of the shopping hurly-burly an oasis for the senses – at Parfümerie Gradmann 1864, customers can expect a place to slow down – grounded and genuine. The oak entrance area marks the beginning, leading to a shopping experience for the senses. One that creates a feeling of well-being on a graphic level with organic shapes and soft basic colors, framed by a clear product presentation concept.

A natural stage for products and services that provides clear orientation with appropriate area labeling, brand displays and shelf cladding. The furniture is also authentic and attractive, located between lounge islands and spacious make-up areas as additional experience areas. With their materiality, shop window curtains give the entire scene a softly subdued sense of space.

Have a closer look

Playful and minimalist that you just have to look. Lovingly designed hand drawings throughout the store, such as on campaign boards, underline the desired subtlety and naturalness of the sales concept. Aesthetic eye-catchers that speak for themselves even without words. “All the diversity, all the charm and all the beauty of life are composed of light and shadow” (Lev Tolstoy). In this sense, the entire retail design shines under successful lighting planning.

atelier 522 designed the Parfümerie Gradmann 1864

Parfümerie Gradmann 1864
Location Singen, Germany
Design atelier 522

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