Let’s Warm Up The Industry On REMAEXTRA

Let’s Warm Up The Industry On REMAEXTRA

📅14 Luglio 2021, 15:34

The fair is finally back in action – Let’s meet!

We invite you join the RemaExtra International Advertising and Printing Trade Fair, where you will discover the offer of suppliers presenting thousands of new products available on the market.

Discover the way the market has changed, develop new contacts, learn about top solutions and products for the advertising industry. All of this within the safe space of the RemaExtra Trade Fair.
Let’s get started!


An invitation registration form has been made available on the website of the RemaExtra trade fair. Once your entry application has been verified, you will receive an ID that you have to print out yourself. How does our registration work? In the form, you type your unique code REX021.

Next, you complete your company details and send for our verification. In the case of a positive verification, you will receive by e-mail an ID for the trade fair which should be printed out and shown at the registration point where you will receive a set of trade fair materials. If you have not received your invitation, please contact us at visitors@remaextra.com.

Don’t wait and register now!

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