New concept for Dermalogica’s brand and retail spaces

Dalziel and Pow have elevated Dermalogica's customer experience with a fresh new concept and communications

Dalziel and Pow have elevated Dermalogica’s customer experience with a fresh new concept and communications that help to humanise the clinical world of skincare.

The standalone format launched at Bluewater Shopping Centre following the unveiling of a concession within Harrods’ H Beauty at Lakeside in late 2020.

Dermalogica is the number one professional skincare choice around the world, renowned for the highest education, efficacy and training of professional skincare therapists.

The new concept speaks directly to the customer to improve their at-home skincare routines by connecting them with professional advice, treatments and therapists.

The brand’s Clean Touch Certification training programme ensures that all in-store interactions exceed and lead the category’s current health and safety requirements.

Dalziel and Pow have elevated Dermalogica's customer experience with a fresh new concept and communications

Higher emphasis is placed on meaningful stories and real results from real people in order to deliver a welcoming and relatable brand experience, whilst still maintaining the high-level of expertise and professionalism customers have come to expect from Dermalogica.

Newly-designed communications strengthen this idea, with customer testimonials and recommendations featuring throughout. Customers are also encouraged to come together and share their stories, with product workshops and other events aiming to build the Dermalogica community.

In-store, four distinct areas have been designed where customers can consult with an expert, decompress and learn more about the brand’s purpose and skincare story, receive personalised treatments and then shop the range that best suits their needs.

Personalised results are integral to the new concept, with the brand’s exclusive Face Mapping service positioned near the entrance of the store. Customers can sit with a Professional Skin Therapist for a free, tailored consultation to uncover their individual needs before booking a skin solver solution or moving on to a full treatment.

The treatment area near the back of the store creates intrigue, with gently curving walls and layers of contour creating a cocoon effect, helping to balance privacy with openness and differentiate from the public areas. A relaxation area provides customers with a place to decompress, with soft projections and calming music allowing them to unwind before and after treatments.

The overall look and feel of the space remains clean and pure, but with a softer, more human aspect. Rounded rectangular forms inspired by Dermalogica’s Face Mapping skin zones are used throughout, guiding customers on their personal journey through the store.
Warmer lighting from canopy structures illuminates the space, introducing a feel-good glow to create a more inviting environment. Texture has been introduced to juxtapose glossy, smooth surfaces in order to create a feeling of tactility, with rough-plastered walls featuring projections that share customer stories, quotes and tips.

Product displays have been reimagined, with free-standing units adding an element of flexibility to the space. The product range has been made easier to browse by customer needs and skincare goals, with tester products more accessible and Dermalogica’s unique benefits more visible and relatable. A new suite of icons have been designed to frame this offer more effectively.

Dalziel and Pow have elevated Dermalogica's customer experience with a fresh new concept and communications

Dermalogica General Manager, Mark Hermann, comments: “With our unique roots in skincare education and professional treatments, we wanted a guided retail space that creates an immersive customer experience. Our ambition was to bring something to consumers they have never seen before; achieving their ‘healthiest skin ever’ based on personalised treatments and a results-driven home care routine. D&P developed the perfect environment for our expert skin therapists to kick off this bespoke journey, making sure that our clients learn something, not only about Dermalogica but also about themselves.

The new concept is due to be rolled out across other UK destinations.