Balloon Kraft Store

Studio Bipolar designed the Balloon Kraft Store

Balloons make a big emotional impact. When we see balloons, we anticipate a happy moment to come. Balloons are the spirit for any kind of celebration as it makes the atmosphere colourful and happy.

Keeping up with this philosophy and the intrinsic nature of the helium-filled happiness, we took on the mission to design this beautifully tucked balloon boutique in Delhi’s Select City Walk Mall.

Studio Bipolar designed the Balloon Kraft Store

While designing Balloon Craft, the idea was very simple – bringing out colours to evoke happiness. We wanted to create a fun, inviting boutique, where kids and adults alike could unleash their creativity and build their own unique bouquets of balloons.

As soon as you step in this little store, you will be mesmerized with a burst of colours. The “power wall” acts as a high-impact first impression vehicle. Singing celebration and love, we created a balloon display wall with a glass sheet to showcase the different colour balloons the store has to offer.

The beautifully tucked balloon drawers on the wall instantly bring a smile and allow the customers to pick their favourite. The front of each drawer comprises a hollow pocket, designed by mounting an acrylic sheet to the front of the drawer. This creates a transparent image and clearly displays the different colour balloons in each drawer to make the choice easier.

The design and the lighting instantly capture the mood and make the choice much easier. To ensure complete utilization of every inch, the compact space was converted into a display arcade with everything clearly visible to the eye. The custom designed curved desk at the entrance is trendy and adds in character. It also gives more space to the customer to make the final decision before the payment.

Use of white along with the colour burst added by the offerings, the store captures the essence of balloons.  Studio Bipolar believes in creating interiors that get people to purchase your products. If you are exploring store interiors, finishes and business branding, we are here for you.

Studio Bipolar

Studio Bipolar is a boutique architecture firm founded in 2016, that is committed to excellence in custom architecture and design. Combine rigorous design with proven construction management experience – a rare combination that leads to a distinctive design process and end product that are aesthetically and intellectually rigorous as well as financially informed.

Sanjana Mathur
Sanjana spent her college years expanding her skill set to include custom artwork and graphic design. Her projects include working with the Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage to create tourist brochures for several monuments in Delhi. After the degree, she joined Anagram Architects, where she acted as Team Leader for Several high-end custom residences as

Ujjwal Sagar
After completing his Bachelors Degree in Architecture, Ujjwal worked at renowned firm DADA partners in Gurgaon, Where he got a thorough grounding in large scale housing and institutional projects. He also worked at Anagram Architects where he acted as Team Lead for high end hospitality and institutional projects. He is a passionate foodie at heart, and loves to play on his Xbox and Playstation in his free time!

Photos courtesy Anmol Wahi