Nueva Indian Boutique Store in Ahmedabad

Progetto di interior per la boutique indiana NUEVA

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Nueva, an Indian Boutique Store, located in Taj skyline in Ahmedabad, is a textile-retail store of 35 sqm designed by Shayona Consultant.

Bringing together a natural palette with Indian folk art-inspired space helped create an oasis that the owner truly desired. The natural material palette comprising exposed concrete, wood, brass, lime plaster together with metal work and mirror wall.

RETAIL DESIGN - Nueva Indian Boutique Store Ahmedabad

The exposed-concrete ceiling together with the smooth lime plaster-finish on the walls and floor create a rustic charm. The walls with its natural rustic lime plaster-finish backgrounds the light-toned display units. A unique centre table has been customised out of wooden-heritage door, finished with a glass top to add a classical look to this astonishing textile retail shop. The wooden-carved chairs are perfectly paired-up with this centre table.

The minimal furniture helps create more space to move around.

“One of the larger design objectives was to subdue the compact space with the use of soft colours, arches and curved edges.”

RETAIL DESIGN - Nueva Indian Boutique Store Ahmedabad

The arched narrative is carried through in the detailing of the display units and the mirror wall. Considering space constraint, open metal shelves have been provided for display units. Light-toned arched display units sheathes the stock of the textiles, counterbalancing the darker rustic tone of walls. This display units are customised on the basis of quantity of stock to be displayed.

The hole-cuts for duppattas and the shelves for thaan collection add creative interior-details to the store. The combination adds buoyancy to this textile-retail store. The mirror wall is creatively designed to look spacious and acts as a dramatic backdrop to the whole space. The hand murals, hanging out from the wall, for displaying traditional purses is wisely designed to look attractive to customers whilst keeping in mind the space constraint.

RETAIL DESIGN - Nueva Indian Boutique Store Ahmedabad

The reception table is also made on site with an idea to use the stamps of textiles, with a silvery-golden textured wall. Track lights in ceiling, defused lights behind the display units helps to highlight the furniture and space within. From the consoles to the treatment of the walls, there is subtle continuity in the design language throughout this space that softens and elevates the textile-retail store.

RETAIL DESIGN - Nueva Indian Boutique Store Ahmedabad

Location Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Architecture Firm Shayona Consultant
Principal & Founder Architect Ar. Prashant Parmar
Design Team Ar. Harikrushna Pattani, Ar. Hemang Mistry, Ar. Ashish Rathod, Ms. Pooja Solanki, Ar. Vasavi Mehta
Area 35 sqm
Photo courtesy Inclined Studio

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