Nesite introduces the new Cork raised floor

Nesite presenta Cork, il primo pavimento sopraelevato in sughero

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From acoustic to thermal comfort, Nesite’s new floor is a 100% sustainable solution and available in a wide range of finishes, including customizable, natural and more contemporary.

For its extraction it is not necessary knocking down any tree, its environmental impact is zero and it has excellent mechanical and physical characteristics: cork is historically linked to the world of design, thanks to its “green” orientation.

Nowadays it is reinterpreted for interior finishes by Nesite, an Italian company specialized in the production of raised floors, which after years of research and development presents Cork, a collection of cork surfaces in twenty different finishes available in the catalogue, also customizable.

Nesite introduces the new Cork raised floor

Cork is a solution available in several sizes and with a thickness of 4 or 5 mm that, thanks to the honeycomb structure, is able to absorb sound waves (more than 50% than laminate) and improve the acoustic comfort of environments, also ensuring considerable insulation properties, with consequent energy savings.

Comfortable to walk on, cork does not attract dust (it is antistatic) and is waterproof, with excellent response to chemical agents.

Its shades and textures, as well as its fascinating raw appearance, finally take on a contemporary look in the ten “design” finishes proposed by the company, which add to the “natural” proposals also the grey palette, between warm and cold shades.

Nesite Interior, a brand that represents the evolution of Nesite in the contract world, finally proposes cork also as a wall covering, with the possibility to customize the finish. 


  • ACOUSTIC IMPROVEMENT – thanks to its honeycomb structure (40 million capsules of air / cm3), cork absorbs vibrations and sound waves. Tests confirm that the use of cork reduces the noises up to 53% compared to laminates.
  • THERMAL INSULATION – the heat conduction coefficient of this material is 0.037-0.040 W / (mK). Cork maintains insulating properties at a wide range of temperatures with consequent energy saving.
  • ANTI-STATIC – the cork surface doesn’t accumulate electrical charges, therefore the phenomenon of attraction and accumulation of dust is not there. Cork surfaces are easy to maintain and clean.
  • FOOTFALL COMFORT – studies certify that after 45 minutes of walking on different surfaces, cork offers greater comfort, reducing the feeling of fatigue compared to linoleum, laminate and ceramic.
  • WATER-REPELLENT AND NON-ABSORBENT – this feature is caused by the presence of suberin which represents the 39-45% of the cork mass. This substance increases the water-repellent properties, strengthens it and acts as a thermal insulator.
  • GREEN –100% RECYCLABLE – the wasted material is used to produce agglomerates for construction, clothing and much more.
  • GREEN CO2 ABSORBTION – cork is able to absorb CO2, the main cause of the greenhouse gas, up to 5 times its weight.
Nesite introduces the new Cork raised floor
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