The Contoured Arches – Jasneet Makeup

Progetto Jasneet Make-Up New Delhi by Bora Da Design

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The Contoured Arches is a stylish, upmarket makeup studio led by renowned makeup artist Jasneet.

The studio’s new space in New Delhi, designed by Bora Da Design Studio, offers impressive views of the luxe saloon, with heightened drama and carefully articulated accents.

Jasneet Make-Up New Delhi by Bora Da Design

The design team started firstly with brainstorming over the makeup and its impact on women today. Social media awareness and various mediums of knowledge and entertainment have brought the makeup industry to new heights and a new following among all age groups. It’s is seen today as a means of empowerment after feeling confident.

The art of makeup involves color palettes of various types, shimmers, tools and various techniques. From this came the idea of creating an explosion of color and add shimmering reflections in gold. The logo, shaped like flower petals, is also an integral part of the concept.

From this the designers extracted the shape of the petals and incorporated it into the main feature: wall mirrors frames. The whole concept thus can be summed up revolving around colors and the identity of the artist.


The layouting of the above is very simple and neat. Makeup stations line up against the two longer lengths of the rooms. One side has multiple stations for junior artists while the opposite side has one exclusive for the head artist of the studio.

Each station has its own counter with adequate storage and plug points for appliances. These plug points are neatly set inside the counter that can be reached like pop outs. The mirrors are the main element of the space and they also give a sense of space to each station placed there.

Jasneet Make-Up New Delhi by Bora Da Design

Each mirror is set in arched shaped frames that are overlapped with other arches inset with alternating antique finish mirrors and looking mirrors. These create a demarcation for the stations as well as giving a flower petal look on the wall. At the further end of the space sits a lip-shaped pop looking sofa with a lounge armchair with tables.

On the opposite side, the wall is dedicated for shoots post each makeup which comprises of a texture in cream color and Make up By Jasneet logo for branding purposes.


The lighting of a makeup studio as one can imagine is of utmost importance. It requires just optimum for Makeup applications. The team sought to keep the tone of the light natural so as to understand the colours better. The spots are placed strategically on tracks to avoid glare and dark spots. The ceiling has a cove running in the Center with round cutout’s for grand chandeliers to add luxe and oomph factor to space.


The design team’s very inspiration was makeup and all that surrounds it and as the brief asked of them to make it pop and stylish the team took to play with a burst of colours. The makeup stations are in a bright powder blue colors with gold highlights at the bottom legs. The mirrors are set in brushed gold arched frames for the shimmer aspect. The chairs are in black for practicality and the flooring is a stark contrast of white and black. The tiles are cut in length and laid diagonally. Upon closer inspection, they show a hint of terrazzo texture. The colors flow beautifully into each other and form a story.

Jasneet Make-Up New Delhi by Bora Da Design

Location New Delhi
Design Team Udaai Batra, Navneet Kaur, Shubham Mishra, Alok Kumar
Photos courtesy Suryan and Dang

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