Lo studio HNK di Hamid Nicola Katrib progetta il salone di bellezza Gorgeous

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It’s never too late to change perspective and move from designing the elegance of a home to creating a classy environment for a beauty salon” – says Hamid Nicola Katrib. The most rewarding part of this project was the absence of restriction on the part of the client, this allowed us to create custom-made elements that exceeded everyone’s expectations, starting with the tunnel-shaped door, that breaks the monotony and integrates perfectly with the other rounded shapes of the salon – continues the designer.

The beauty salon, designed by Hamid Nicola Katrib (HNK Studio), includes several rooms: the reception, two rooms for the solarium, two rooms for skin care and body treatments, a bathroom and a kitchenette.

The objective was to design a chic and modern feminine space, starting from the reception, where an instagramable space with a WOW effect was created: a suspended armchair covered with fabric flowers that come down from the ceiling, creating a scenography inspired by a painting by Fragonard.

Two other elegant armchairs, made to measure with the height of the different backrest and covered with dusty pink velvet and golden tassels, complete this corner.

The multifunctional studio HNK by Hamid Nicola Katrib designs the Gorgeous Beauty Salon

The chromatic tones of the entire room revolve around dusty pink tones, creating a sweet and mellow atmosphere. The reception walls are covered with elegant glossy tiles that illuminate the space.

The high ceiling has allowed an impactful design with two arcades perfectly symmetrical; one introduces to the treatment rooms, the other, behind the counter, is used for the display of products for sale.

For the reception area was designed and made a special pattern of wallpaper in a shade of dark purple that provides a nice contrast and balances the pink color that dominates the salon. Brass accents were placed in the outlines of the arches and as insertions on the counter.

The multifunctional studio HNK by Hamid Nicola Katrib designs the Gorgeous Beauty Salon

The passage leading to the other rooms is defined by the designers as the “blue tunnel”. A tight space, but also in this case with a high ceiling that is well suited to the generous arch that introduces it. Here the walls, painted in violet-blueish, create an element of separation between the entrance, radiant and feminine, and the dark and mysterious area that leads to the rooms of beauty treatments.

Each treatment room has a distinct approach. The walls of the body treatment rooms are covered in a tropical custom-made  wallpaper in the same colors as the rest of the design. The next generation equipment has LED lights that change their colours and, therefore, the whole ambience of the rooms.

The multifunctional studio HNK by Hamid Nicola Katrib designs the Gorgeous Beauty Salon

The indoor tanning rooms, with relaxing colored walls, are equipped with Italians’ first quality tanning beds. A playful element has also been added: large mirrors with custom-made Mickey Mouse ears.

With this project HNK exhibit its creative strength, creating an elegant and practical design.

Location Bucharest
Design HNK


HNK represents a unique concept that interior design, painting, bespoke furniture, and art exhibitions under the same roof.The HNK name – which is the acronym of the founder’s name Hamid Nicola Katrib – started in 2009 as an interior design office. The office has grown ever since and now includes a large portfolio of projects and clients from Romania and abroad. The continual improvement and full engagement makes Hamid one of the most famous interior designers in the country. His timeless and unique taste for outstanding design projects and his unique combinations of colors and textures in every project have built his reputation in what HNK is today. Recently, HNK launched his own art gallery, the “HNK GALLERY “where he exhibits his paintings and his own line of furniture pieces.

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