VIVINEVO Fragrance Art Gallery by SODA architects

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Walk into perfume – explore multi-dimensional experiential commercial scenario

Today, people have higher expectation than ever on in-store experience. For businesses, there’s more focus than ever on going beyond the expected product or service to deliver a customer experience that truly differentiates.

It is viral for retail store design to identify a way by which the brands can establish a strong connection with consumers, deliver brand value, and build sticky customer relationships.

Considering the surrounding area, BeijingFun, a historic and vibrant place,  SODA imagines the VIVINEVO’s first store with the perspective of art gallery, integrates brand experience into retail space, and develops an innovative solution to meet and exceed customers’ expectations.

The VIVINEVO Fragrance Art Gallery designed by SODA is becoming a popular destination in BeijingFun.

SODA designs a flower façade to attract people from a distance, and invites them walk into the gallery through a perfume-bottle-shape entrance where customers are immersed in floral fragrance. A surging surface of a drop of perfume is enlarged and showed up following by. Customers are soaked in perfume and leave the gallery with a customized one for their own.

VIVINEVO Fragrance Art Gallery by SODA architects

Media space and experiential scene

Perfume is liquid, intangible, and gaseous. It is always in changing along the atmosphere though the time. The space as imagined container for perfume came into being. The dynamic and multi-level feature of fragrance was interpreted and became tangible in the interior design.

SODA applied the “media space” research and practical experience in the tangible design of smell, and integrated the virtual content with the physical space.

VIVINEVO Fragrance Art Gallery by SODA architects

Multi-sensory experience

This project made a breakthrough in the design of tangible smell experience. Unlike the traditional commercial spaces, whose primacy were visual experience at scale, VIVINEVO fragrance art gallery focus on the customers’ smell experience, which brought up the following questions: How to provide an olfactory experience? How to combine smell and vision?How to provide sensory experiences other than smell and vision?

A differenza degli spazi commerciali tradizionali, il cui obiettivo era l’esperienza visiva su larga scala, VIVINEVO fragrance art gallery si concentra sull’esperienza olfattiva dei clienti. Ma come fornire un’esperienza olfattiva? Come combinare olfatto e visione? Come fornire esperienze sensoriali diverse da olfatto e visione?

VIVINEVO Fragrance Art Gallery by SODA architects

Full-Dynamic environment

In order to answer the questions above, designer planed two dynamic digital  combined exhibit modules.

The entrance: SODA language—physical pixel installation. The designer collected 5000 perfume bottles and made a media structure out of them. The entrance is turned out into a colors-changing media that keeps rendering the atmosphere day and night.

The main hall: a 20m length irregular curved surface with digital projection. The projected changing perfume texture renders the atmosphere of the space. The projected information adds another layer on the texture and the exhibition, delivering the related knowledge of perfume to the customers, such as history and raw materials.

VIVINEVO Fragrance Art Gallery by SODA architects

Interactive space design

SODA applied interactive space design method in this project to strengthen the participation in creating memorable experience.

Synesthesia interaction
a moving image, odor, sound combined multi-sensory space. By picking up the receiver, the customers will trigger the change of background sound and the video, immerse themselves in the situation of a specific perfume while squeeze and release the odor. The synesthesia experience connects with memory and impressive the customers.

Content interaction
an interactive process that makes people have a strong desire to explore. Customers touch the digital content and get immediate response while being amused by the interaction. The circulation route is flexible and free to explore. Customers will be entertained while they visit the gallery following their own paths.

After Passing by, being attracted, experiencing a visual and olfactory feast, and playing with enjoyable interactions, customers finally arrive at the participatory perfume modulation and consumption area, where they are provided with rich fragrances to make their own unique perfumes according to personal preferences.  An end to journey toward, but it is the journey that matter.

VIVINEVO Fragrance Art Gallery by SODA architects

Project: VIVINEVO fragrance art gallery
Location: BeijingFun, Langfang Toutiao, Xicheng District,Beijing
Design Studio: SODA Architects
Lead Designer: Jiang.Yuan & Song.Chen
Space & Digital Design Team: Chen Fei, Wang Jiashuai, Liu Panpa, Qiang Zhiwen, Zhang Zhen, Li Hanwei, Dong Jiansheng, Hao Zhiyuan, Xiao Tianle, Li Ke, Wang Ren.
Area: 314 sqm
Photo Credits: Chen Xiyu

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