Craftsmanship and Venetian architectural details in the new collections UPSIDE DOWN and VENICE

Craftsmanship and Venetian architectural details in the new collections UPSIDE DOWN and VENICE

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Art and outsized volumes

For Marie-Lise Féry, design is like a children’s game. In touch with her imagination, she feels her way forward, mixing contrasting shapes and references and testing her designs upside down before bringing them face to face with the expertise of craftsmen and women.

This spontaneous approach is perhaps what gives her creations their distinctive character – a character played out on the stage that is our interiors, their singular identity infusing light with life.

Craftsmanship and Venetian architectural details in the new collections UPSIDE DOWN and VENICE

This also lies at the origins of the Upside Down ceiling light. The designer from Magic Circus outlined a simple and voluminous object in pure geometric shapes – the cone and the sphere.

Its balanced proportions paired with an outsized format reflect the brand’s spectacular aesthetic. A combination of precious mouth-blown glass and sophisticated colours gives substance to this powerful and refined piece as it infuses the space with its warm presence, alone or in an ensemble.


This is the passage from design to material object – a decisive stage in which craftsmen and women play the leading role. For Upside Down, Marie-Lise Féry entrusted her design to Vetrarti. Located an hour from Venice, this internationally renowned company is reviving the Murano glassmaking tradition in collaboration with the creative avant-garde.

This oversized model is handmade in its workshops, with an entirely mouth- blown pavilion and globe. To produce the decorative parallel lines on the body of the ceiling light, the glassmakers use a technique called “Vetro a Filigrana” . This precious expertise emerged in Venice in the 16th century at the height of the Renaissance.

The colours – rubino, cobalto blue, avion blue and verde – owe their exclusivity to the choice of historic canes dating from the 1980s. This special touch confers the object with a patina that poetically recalls the Italian glassware of the time. The globe-reflector blown in completely pure white glass heightens and modernises the colour.


Matter and living architecture

The island of Murano remains an essential destination for anyone in search of a glassmaking excellence. Marie-Lise Féry had the opportunity to visit the island several times to produce pieces for her Balloon collection. These journeys inevitably led her along the canals of Venice.

Like New York where she once lived, the architecture of Venice made a deep impression on her. Also, like New York, which inspired her first collections, Venice was the source of inspiration for her new line of wall lights.

Like a musician transposing a classical phrase into a jazz score, she grasped the rhythms played out along the facades of its large Renaissance palaces and retuned them to the modern ear. She gave balance to the quatrefoil tracery of the Doge’s Palace by removing a single lobe and transformed the square windows that dot the city into a playing-card diamond.

Craftsmanship and Venetian architectural details in the new collections UPSIDE DOWN and VENICE

The light globe is set in mirror-polished brass and nickel motifs against a round black background. This mirror-effect finish creates an interplay of reflections with its environment, as the lagoon reflects Venice and brings its matter to life, and just as the rhythm of these wall lights and their motif bring architecture to life.


Rethinking, reimagining, redesigning familiar objects that we look at every day without ever really seeing them and using light to tell stories, this how Marie-Lise Féry sees her work. Offering a new take on our urban heritage, changing our perspective through her work on scale and usage. Since 2015, Magic Circus Éditions has been setting the world of lighting ablaze, creating airy, playful and magical designs that merge retro with sleek and contemporary.

A free-spirited antiquarian, founder Marie-Lise Féry draws inspiration from the world of cabarets and the magic of the circus to give shape to imaginative, fun and playful collections. The air of magic she breathes into her work reveals a wealth of interpretations and widens possibilities for creative interiors.

The combination of traditional know-how -outstanding craftsmanship- and her imaginative take on historical, everyday objects lends an unexpected and charming quality to her creations. Féry’s lights are designed just like magic lanterns  -precursor to modern-day cinema-, inspiring wonder through oversized, seemingly weightless compositions and understated references. Each collection has its own inspiration: the first models of street lighting for Collection 01; the happy memories of funfairs, sweets and balloons for her latest collection Balloon; the Far East for Collection 02; and the colourful, carefree spirit of the 70s for Pop-Up, released in 2019. Magic Circus Éditions draws on airy designs, dream-like inspirations, colours and fun to create a sense of enchantment.

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