GOOVI – Grosso Audisio Architects designs the new display concept

GOOVI: Grosso Audisio Architetti progetta il nuovo concept espositivo

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GOOVI is an innovative and dynamic cosmetics brand, with years of experience in online sales, which faces the world of store design for the first time with a concept capable of materializing the personality of the brand in new retail spaces.

“Good vibes” is the mood on which the name and identity of the brand are based, but it is also the idea from which the design development of the new counters started.

GOOVI: Grosso Audisio Architetti  progetta il nuovo concept espositivo

The new GOOVI displayer unit, designed by Grosso Audisio Architects,  brings together bright light, color and movement to harmonize the sales surfaces as much as possible.

The graphic idea of the stand is intended to be a transposition in the colors and shapes of the Goovi mood, aiming, at the same time, at a perfect integration with the atmosphere of the partner’s stores.

Pastel colors and unusual archetypal shapes characterize the structures, making them emerge within the perfumery that houses them. The result is a playful and young counter, designed to communicate the idea of movement, of change, typical of contemporary fashions and trends.

The shelves are enriched with decorative objects and podiums which, with sinuous shapes and chromatic accents, recall and reinforce the idea of lightness that the brand cares to communicate. Designed from the outset to facilitate the rollout of products, the cosmetics were strategically placed on the shelves with Visual Merchandising techniques and with versatile visual communication to facilitate the dynamics of updating campaigns.

GOOVI: Grosso Audisio Architetti  progetta il nuovo concept espositivo

The brand’s most iconic colors guide customers through the different categories: purple for make-up, green for skin care, yellow for personal care and red for supplements. Central is the presence of elements that lead back to the concept of Self Love, also as a point of interaction for consumers.

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