Louis Vuitton continues to pay tribute to Virgil Abloh

Louis Vuitton: nelle vetrine di Milano un omaggio Virgil Abloh

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Louis Vuitton pays tribute to Virgil Abloh with the preview presentation in Milan of the SS22 collection, the latest designed by the designer, and with a special installation in the windows and courtyard of the Montenapoleone store. 

The sculpture of a toy airplane, one of the images most often evoked by Abloh for his love of childhood iconography and undesigned objects, that is, devoid of artistic property and therefore open to reinterpretations and fully democratic, was elevated above a mirror platform decorated with a pattern of clouds, always a reference to the iconography developed by Abloh for Louis Vuitton.

Louis Vuitton continues to pay tribute to Virgil Abloh

In the windows instead will be presented an animation inspired by the game of chess, the main theme of the latest collection presented in Miami, which makes the game a metaphor for human existence and whose pawns have been transformed into different avatars of the various subcultres that have influenced the creative work of Abloh.

Louis Vuitton continues to pay tribute to Virgil Abloh

Always the iconography of chess has become, in the clothes of the collection, a variety of motifs, textures, three-dimensional effects and trompe l’oeil, while the figures of the game have been transformed shape in the silhouettes of the models, through wide skirts, hats and ultra-voluminous gloves. 

Courtesy of Louis Vuitton