Imaginary Space Collection by Marco Piva: cosmic vibrations for the new models by Illulian

Imaginary Space Collection by Marco Piva: vibrazioni cosmiche per i nuovi modelli di Illulian

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Quantum, Pulsar and Vibration: these are the three new models from the IMAGINARY SPACE collection that seal the partnership between Illulian,Italian leader in the production of luxury handmade rugs, and the starchitect Marco Piva.

Yarns that intertwine like the elements of the cosmos. Individually light, fragile threads that gain strength in expert hands able to skilfully weave them together. Just like the universe, shaped by skilful hands.

Imaginary Space Collection by Marco Piva:  cosmic vibrations for the new models by Illulian

The IMAGINARY SPACE collection designed by Marco Piva for Illulian derives from a desire to pose questions that extend well beyond the borders of a rug, encountering a response in these geometries – sometimes wavy lines, sometimes mesh-like – whose lines create shapes unlike any designs we are familiar with.

The lines create almost imaginary architectures, which we are able to perceive yet not quite able to actually recognise as elementary shapes. In the designs, the colours of the wool and silk fibres are woven and knotted, transforming the perception of space as we know it. These transformations and metamorphoses have led to the creation of this line of rugs able to adapt to the most modern, contemporary style requirements of interior design.

Graphic and three-dimensional motifs with a strong furnishing allure and clear design vocation characterise these rugs that belong to the Limited Edition collection, Illulian’s most exclusive line, composed of unique pieces by famous artists and designers who transmit their personality and approach to life through decorations, illustrations and colour compositions that come to life on the surface of the rug.

All the rug models of the large Illulian production are knotted and carded by hand and can be produced in two qualities, Platinum 120 and Gold 100, which enchant with their chromatic appeal obtained from the brilliant vegetable colors used. Platinum 120 quality represents the most exclusive line, characterized by the use of the highest quality hand-spun wool and pure silk as well as an extremely complex process – 180,000 knots / m2 – which allows to create reliefs with very scenographic effects. Gold 100 quality offers rugs hand-knotted in wool and silk, always of great charm with a density of 152,000 knots / m2.

Imaginary Space Collection by Marco Piva:  cosmic vibrations for the new models by Illulian
Pulsar | Vibration

Moreover, thanks to the Custom Made service, consolidated key strength of the brand, it is possible to bring to life an absolutely bespoke rug, through the choice of colors, design, and size. These prestigious pieces can be chosen for residential spaces as well as for contract projects, such as museums, showrooms, hotels, restaurants and nautical solutions.

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