Kim Kardashian launches first pop-up Skims store in Paris

Kim Kardashian apre il primo Pop-Up Store di Skims a Parigi

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SKIMS store is located in a 280 sqm ground floor space at the entrance of the Parisian department store Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann. Central to the store’s distinctive design is the shiny, beige-coloured partitions and shelving units.

Designer Willo Perron has designed the first pop-up store for Kim Kardashian’s underwear brand SKIMS, which is in Paris and furnished with glossy, chunky display units and partitions.

Kim Kardashian launches first pop-up Skims store in Paris

“The whole concept was based on there being no hard corners, everything is round with soft edges and all the pieces are super glossy,” said Perron. “I wanted people to feel like they had to touch it. It’s also reminiscent of body forms and the curves of a body.”

Underwear, shapewear and loungewear items are displayed inside chunky, beige cupboards fitted with hooks. Built-in shelves and nooks offer additional display space for clothes. Customers can try on items inside the thick-walled changing rooms which are framed with soft pink curtains.

As they shop, visitors can also enjoy macaroons by pastry chef and chocolatier Pierre Hermes, which come in the same neutral colours as the collection. The store was informed by the underwear brand’s ethos which is committed to providing an inclusive range of sizes and shapes for all bodies.

The ethos of the brand is about shape, curves, and skin tones,” Perron explained.“We just expanded upon that existing language. It should sit somewhere between levity and sensuality. It wants to be playful but sexy at the same time.”

Kim Kardashian launches first pop-up Skims store in Paris

Adding to this language, Perron decided to use colours and materials that similarly reflect the brand. A thermoformed plastic coated in glossy beige was used throughout. “The color choices were made based on the Skims collection and the color palette they use,” he said. “The material is predominantly vacuformed and some of it is traditional carpentry with the same finish as vacuformed pieces” the designer continued.

Other details include posters of Kardashian wearing the collection and a giant version of the SKIMS logo on the front of a partition near the entrance of the store. “I also really love how the SKIMS logo feels like this very amorphic shape and I wanted to continue that into a real space,” said Perron.

Photos courtesy Benoit Florencon

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