Namari Multibrand – A fully instagrammable space

Namari Multibrand - Uno spazio completamente instagrammabile

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The briefing for the new retail image of Namari Multibrand, in Brazil, was clear: bringing sophistication and coziness to the store, paying special attention to the fitting room, a space used as advertisement by Namari owner, where she shares on Instagram outfits and novelties with her clients and followers.

After discussing about the briefing and doing some market research, Bárbara Cassou, Retail Design LAB architect and founder came up with the idea to transform the entire store into a big and unique fitting room.

Namari Multibrand - A fully instagrammable space

And the store concept was created: the new Namari retail design would be overlaid with linen textile similar to the curtains of a big cozy fitting room. To create this look and feel, it was used 800 meters of linen in three different but matching colors, from nude to pink.

As the brand is modern, feminine and sophisticated, the architect decided not to use straight lines in the project. The new store would be made entirely with curves. The facade doesn’t have window displays, it’s completely open to the visitors as an invitation to go inside the store.

Namari Multibrand - A fully instagrammable space

All the fixtures were designed exclusively for Namari. Racks, shelves and displays are fun and made with wave shape. Some of the racks are hidden behind the courtains playing with the idea the clothes are floating in the air. Some of the displays and tables are made by pigmented concrete, which were designed by Retail Design LAB in partnership with Grauters, artists specialized in this material.

Namari Multibrand - A fully instagrammable space

Design: Retail Design LAB
Architect/Responsable: Bárbara Cassou
Location: Shopping Iguatemi Ribeirao Preto, Brazil
Area: 266 sqm
Photo courtesy: Carolina Mossin

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