BikerStore in Moscow

Progetto retail Bikerstore Mosca

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Existing originally only in cyberspace a motorcycle equipment store took a next logical step and presented itself to the real world, thanks to Bad Reputation.

Progetto retail Bikerstore Mosca

Physical presence allowed the brand to become more tangible, accessible and form strong emotional connections with their customers.

Bad Reputation architects designed a space that underscored the most important values of the brand: freedom, independence and a unique attitude.

BikerStore’s flagship store in Moscow is their first retail space in Russia, a modern and welcoming location reflecting on everything “moto” but indirectly

Progetto retail Bikerstore Mosca

For this project the designers took inspiration from the modern city life, buildings and underpasses.

Concrete, natural wood, ceramic tiles, profile metal and metal grid were used for finishing. Gray and orange in equipment colors are well balanced, create a technological feeling and can be freely used in the many elements of that interior.

Bespoke equipment and items can serve multiple purposes. Have  been experimented with various materials to create unique and functional furniture pieces. For instance, the completely unusual use of metal mesh as a sofa frame, and the concrete building blocks used as a table base.

Progetto retail Bikerstore Mosca

Unified graphic design complements the general design and allows the delivery of messages via slogans and calls to action. All of that helps to maintain a cohesive experience, creating the right mood and emotional feedback from shoppers and visitors.

Location: Moscow, Russia
Area: 200 sqm
Design: Bad Reputation
Designer: Alex Feskov
Photo courtesy: Sergey Melnikov

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