Snow Bunny Store in Paris

Progettazione negozi - Snow Bunny Store Parigi

For this project, the architect Anthony Authié, founder of the Zyva studio agency, redesigned the space of the «Snow Bunny» store, as if the client were inside the head of the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. The Snow Bunny  store,  located in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris, specializes in vintage clothing from the 2000s.

In keeping with the theme of the writer Lewis Carroll, Anthony Authié designed the space to make customers  feel as if  they had entered an imaginary world, discovering chimerical clothes.

Zyva studio agency redesigned the space of the Snow Bunny store in Paris

We were inspired by the characters and settings of Alyce in Wonderland, the psychedelic side of Chester’s Cat, the white rabbit as a common thread, the multicolored flowers that speak, the green and disturbing nature, the candy pink of the banquet tablecloth, the characters of different sizes,” said the designer who redesigned the store as a surreal place.

The Snow Bunny Store is a single space stretched over 25 sqm. The small budget to redesign  the store forced the architect to find modular solutions that could be easily dismantled. The green monochrome walls and the marble inspired by the texture of oysters give the impression of entering a psychedelic nature.The lines of metallic lights are like two lightning bolts in the night that show us a direction, a path to take.

 “The space is lived like a story board, we set the scene at first and  as  we  move  through  the space, we meet the different characters  of  the story.” Said Anthony Authié

Zyva studio agency redesigned the space of the Snow Bunny store in Paris

The modular metal structure racks are decorated with 3d printed  sculptures that recall the multicolored flowers that Alyce meets after becoming tiny.

These 3d printed sculptures are not there by chance,  they allow the hanging of small accessories like necklaces, bracelets or rings. They are like small characters. They introduce certain details that participate in the overall understanding of the story.

On the second series of posts, chains are hung on the walls. They are moving elements. They move when touched and introduce a disturbing sound effect when they collide. They also allow the hanging of more voluminous elements like handbags or caps.

 “We wanted the different pieces of furniture to feel like they were coming to life. Both in their forms and their movements, but also in the sound they would emit. Sounds of collisions with the chains, but also of textures that mix and tangle like with the scratches that hold the multicolored  figurines.” adds the designer.

Finally, at the back of the store, the booth is like a totem, a war treasure that sits enthroned in the symmetry of the space. The curtains in pink faux leather imitation  snake contrast with the rest of the chromatic palette.

Zyva studio agency redesigned the space of the Snow Bunny store in Paris

“We wanted  to  give  this  cabin a supernatural  dimension,  as  if it were a mystical animal, a sort of  pink   python.   Once   inside, a   new   reality   absorbs   you.” concludes the architect.

Project  Snow Bunny Store
Client  Victoria Sapet
Location Paris
Architect Zyva Studio
Area  25 sqm
Photo courtesy Yohann Fontaine

Zyva Studio | Anthony Authié

Anthony Authié (born in 1992) is a French architect. He lives and works in Paris. An ENSAP Bordeaux graduate, Authié moved to Paris in 2018 where he joined an international architecture agency specializing in big conceptions. His architectural novel Baston de regards, a reflection on the professional experiences of a young architect, is published that same year by Parenthèses Editions. He founded Zyva Studio in 2019, a practice operating between architecture and design, and released “Muscle”, an essay that explores the relationship between the body and architecture. He later developed a series of works exploring Trans-Design, including furniture and the global environment

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