Sustainable panels for interior design made from recycled clothing


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The new frontiers of industrial production, thanks to the changes of the last few years, have undergone an acceleration that goes more and more in the direction of the protection of natural resources and the Planet Earth.

The theme of the sustainability it became part of the public debate involving institutions, companies and citizens.

Among the best practices at the center of the green economy there is the circular economy, a system where products and waste materials are reused, giving them a second life.

We produce every year 13 million tons of waste related to the clothing industry: in Japan alone there are approximately 1,2 million tons and most of the clothing ends up being disposed of and incinerated, with the emission of enormous quantities of greenhouse gases.

PANECO Sustainable panels for interior design made from recycled clothing

Recovering used clothing and textile waste to transform them into panels for interior design is the mission of Paneco, a Japanese brand born from Work Studio, guided by Kazuhiro Hara.

Paneco’s journey begins with the recovery of waste from the textile supply chain (including leather and carbon fiber) and then move on to the actual metamorphosis, which also involves various socially engaged Japanese structures: the garments are deprived of all superfluous components (zips, buttons, decorative elements) before being shattered and ground.

Once processed, the material is ready for the final transformation: i Paneco panels, in turn 100% recyclable at the end of their life. Thus was born a multifunctional product to support designers who find application in the most varied construction types.

From coatings to product design, for new solutions a low environmental impact: poufs, shelving systems, dividers, tables, seats, wardrobes and much more; the panels have small irregularities and imperfections that make them unique, characterized by a stone effect that recalls the beauty of granite