Casalgrande Padana porcelain stoneware for the Hospitality and Retail sectors

Gres porcellanato Casalgrande Padana

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The hospitality, hotel and retail sectors are among those called upon to respond to new needs and changing requirements.

Italy is the home of fashion, art and culture, so it’s no surprise that the future of the country’s hotel sector will be strongly marked by design. This applies both to furnishings and to the design of spaces that are not only attractive and eye-catching, but also modular and flexible, allowing them to adapt to a variety of needs and to offer a fully customised hospitality experience. In the light of the environmental emergencies and climate changes under way, the hospitality sector will also be called on to use sustainable, eco-friendly materials, and to design buildings that seek energy-efficient ways to reduce CO2 emissions. 

Casalgrande Padana porcelain stoneware
Matteo Thun – JW Marriott Venice Resort and Spa

Significant changes are also under way in retail: the digital revolution is increasingly turning brick-and-mortar stores into “retail 5.0” stores, with the growing implementation of technological solutions such as touch-screen POS systems that can also be used as sales support tools along the aisles, digital shop windows and tablets for assisted selling and answering specific queries about products and availability.

The future of retail will also be characterised by a mix of offline and online tools, made possible by the integration of the most recent technologies, which will bring the strengths of the digital shopping experience into bricks-and-mortar stores and vice versa; e-commerce systems will enable customers to order goods online and collect them in-store. Stores are thus set to offer an increasingly sensory purchasing experience, focused on entertainment and storytelling, and the retail approach will increasingly be about communicating the values and style of a particular brand.

Casalgrande Padana porcelain stoneware
Le Ville Pisani – Atelier Rubino

This new scenario will require a rethink of retail spaces, which will need to fulfil the strategic role of physical stores and attract customers, meeting safety requirements while at the same time guaranteeing a pleasant purchasing, sharing and social experience.

Stylish and functional, porcelain stoneware has played a key role for many years in hospitality and hotel settings. It is versatile, hard-wearing, hygienic, safe and low-maintenance, as well as long-lasting and fire-resistant, making it ideal for bringing added value to the purchasing experience. 

Casalgrande Padana porcelain stoneware
Conrotto Progetti – Oceanario de Lisboa

Casalgrande Padana stoneware tiles are the ideal choice for shops, boutiques, lounge bars, restaurants, hotels, resorts, swimming pools, spas, saunas, wellness areas and all kinds of commercial spaces. They can be used in both indoor and outdoor areas, given their resistance to wear and tear and to high footfall. They are also beautiful to look at, making them the perfect surfaces to show off all kinds of retail spaces and complementing the rest of the décor.

Casalgrande Padana offers a wide variety of solutions able to turn ceramic surfaces into an integrated, advanced system able to respond to the most demanding requests in terms of architectural quality, performance levels, durability and sustainability.

We have more than 60 concrete-effectcolouredwood-effectmarble-effectmetal-effect and stone-effect porcelain stoneware collections that are the perfect choice for all kinds of uses in the retail and hospitality sectors: from high-footfall areas to wellness facilities such as spas and indoor and outdoor swimming pools. A rich variety of textures, tones, sizes (from 8.2×25 cm brick tiles up to the large 120×120 cm, 120×240 cm and 160×320 cm options) and thicknesses offers numerous colour and design solutions to create exceptionally versatile spaces.

With large-size stoneware tiles in a thickness of just 6.5 mm, which can be used to tile surfaces with minimal joints, seamless floor-to-wall looks can be used for reception and conference halls, large terraces, spa centres and wellness areas.

Casalgrande Padana porcelain stoneware
Airport- Poland


Casalgrande Padana also offers customers our ArsRatio dry-laying system, which brings a radical change to the traditional concept of ceramic flooring, while maintaining all its hallmark qualities, turning it from a static element into a dynamic, flexible system.

Extremely easy and versatile when it comes to laying, it is beautifully finished and resistant to both evenly distributed and concentrated loads, making it the ideal flooring solution for exhibition spacesshowroomstemporary shops and any other type of commercial  settings.

Ars Ratio by Casalgrande Padana can be laid in seconds, and can be used and walked on immediately. Thanks to a simple interlocking anchoring system, it is possible to create a stable surface with endless configuration options, without gluing and without expensive work to prepare the base underneath. Each interlocked element forms a new floor that can be walked on immediately, giving the setting a new look without the lengthy work required for traditional laying operations, and guaranteeing a practically clean working area.

When combined with a number of extraordinary functions, these system elements can be used to create smart flooring. For example, by integrating sensors and control modules, it is possible to measure the flow of visitors through shopping malls and adjust lighting and climate control, paving the way for innovative opportunities in this sector. Wiring and electrification are also made simple and attractive, with variable cable ducts and junction boxes that can be installed flexibly under the tiles.

The excellent technical performance of porcelain stoneware also makes Casalgrande Padana collections the ideal choice for the outside walls of all types of architectural constructions. Innovative covering systems with glued ceramic tiles, ventilated façades or insulated cladding systems allow for the installation of high-performance ceramic materials able to offer significant advantages in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as humidity control.

Casalgrande Padana porcelain stoneware
Brickworks – Muretto Lava

Cladding with tiles protects the structure of the walls, eliminating the thermal bridges that cause heat dispersion and ensuring considerable energy savings. It also eliminates surface condensation and localised mould, maintaining the building’s aesthetic and technical features unchanged over time.


In addition, the use of Bios Self Cleaning technology can significantly reduce cleaning and maintenance times and costs, as well as making a practical contribution to improving air quality. The superhydrophilicity of the Bios Self Cleaning ceramic surface is able to eliminate the pollutants present in the air and to break down the dirt that settles on the surface of the tiles, so it can be washed away by rainwater. The active oxygen produced by the cladding covered with Bios Self-Cleaning® oxidises the NOx (nitrogen oxides), one of the main causes of air pollution, which poses a threat to both human health and the environment, thus making an appreciable contribution to improving the quality of the environment in urban areas. It is sufficient to consider that 1000 m2 of façade covering treated with Bios Self-Cleaning® has a capacity to purify the air comparable to an area of woodland the size of a football pitch, or the capacity to eliminate the amount of nitrogen oxides (NOx) emitted by 70 motor vehicles in the course of an entire day.

The Bios Self-Cleaning® process is completely natural, as well as eco-sustainable, because it uses solar energy to activate the photocatalytic reaction, while exploiting the washing action of rainwater to remove dirt.

The commercial and tourism sectors, as well as wellness areas, are increasingly having to cope with the effects of bacterial contamination. A safe, effective, ecological response is offered by the world of ceramics, with the Bios Antibacterial® treatment, which provides an efficient shield against the spread of bacteria. The treatment, able to eliminate 99% of the four main strains of bacteria is available on a selection of collections in the catalogue, and can be applied, on request, to the whole Casalgrande Padana range.

Casalgrande Padana porcelain stoneware
Tactile guide system

Finally, Casalgrande Padana offers designers and interior designers a range of specific solutions to break down architectural barriers. Tactile is a guide system in porcelain stoneware that can be used both for social distancing signage and for breaking down architectural barriers, allowing the visually impaired to find their way around without the need for any other indications. Tactile is ideal for use in busy urban areas, where it is necessary to guarantee distancing or where a real danger is posed to safety.