SENGER | NEO concept store by atelier 522

One might assume that anyone entering a car dealership expects to see one thing above all else: Cars.

The Senger Group as one of the largest automobile retailer groups in Germany, goes one step further when it comes to mobility: with an exclusive selection of two-wheelers and everything that goes with them.

SENGER | NEO concept store by atelier 522

The goal? To answer the question of the mobility of the future. With bicycle stores that are not only distinguished by their individuality and innovative strength within their product selection. At the same time, the stores should integrate perfectly into the current building complex of over 50 car retailer shops.

A challenge that atelier 522 from South Germany were happy to accept. The start of the new mobility concept and thus the first visualization of the store concept of SENGER | NEO was made at the Mercedes-Benz locations in Rheine and Oldenburg.

Host of individuality

With so much individuality, the result cannot be a classic store. Rather a showroom that scores with hospitality. Where you can also find the corresponding personal advice – along the entire customer journey. To achieve this, we also created a lot of space for exchange in the store design and combined it with innovative configuration elements. For example, each employee has a multifunctional platform next to their workstation. It is used for configuration purposes and at the same time as a staging area during pick-up. In keeping with the look of the car retailer stores, the materials are also chosen individually. Most of the time, the impression is noble, with muted tones. Real wood, powder-coated MDF, grid: the materials stay in the background and offer the products the perfect stage.

SENGER | NEO concept store by atelier 522

Stories for individual use

Also in terms of product design, the motto is: Individual stories for individual uses. We solve this with modular presentation surfaces. Mountain bikes, for example, stand on inclined pedestals, some on light grids, while racing bikes, imitating the smooth asphalt, stand on clean MDF. Depending on the location and requirements, the stages make it easier for the customer to quickly locate them visually.

SENGER | NEO concept store by atelier 522

Let the adventure begin

On the trail in the mountains, up the serpentine road to the top or cruising relaxed in the city? Where is the next adventure? This is shown by the scenic landscape images as banners or displays behind the products. The “moving” images convey emotions and open up a world of possibilities for customers. Be it the question of “where” or “what for”. And the “how” is then taken care of by the staff with individual advice.