CRC modular and bespoke furniture for pharmacies

CRC arredamento per farmacia

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CRC has over 70 years of activity and a consolidated experience in the design of modular and bespoke furniture for pharmacies and stores of different product categories.

Today, thanks to its history and constant attention to the evolution of the market and the satisfaction of its customers, in Italy and abroad, CRC is a supplier and partner at 360 degrees.

CRC furniture for pharmacies

The strong point of the Company is to support its customers in all phases: design, production, logistics, advice on financial aspects, but also communication and visual merchandising

CRC has a showroom of 600 sqm. opened in 2019 to celebrate 70 years of activity, 2500 sqm. for wood elements and 6000 sqm. for metal elements, equipped with machinery and technology to realize key projects.

Bespoke and customized solutions

CRC offers bespoke and customized solutions with restyling projects or the development of new concepts for pharmacies and para pharmacies and a wide selection of catalog furnishings designed specifically for the specifics of the sector.

The creations help to convey the identity of the sign in a coherent way, whether it is an independent pharmacy or a chain in Italy or abroad.

CRC furniture for pharmacies

CRC’s design is oriented to facilitate both the “customer experience” with the use of colors, communication and characterizations that allow intuitively identify products and departments in the lay out, while the shapes and ergonomics of the furnishings also facilitate the work of the pharmacist and the assortment in the pharmacy. The attention to detail is also transmitted through the inclusion of decorative elements, which follow the new trends of visual merchandising and make pleasant and reassuring the consumer experience.

We asked some questions to Mrs Selma Bentayeb, Sales and Marketing Manager of CRC Srl.

CRC furniture for pharmacies

What are the Company’s vision and mission?

CRC has established itself as a mission, together with its Team of Architects, to support the customer to better design a functional pharmacy by producing and creating solutions for every need, taking advantage of its long experience in the production of modular systems for the retail sector. Our furnishing systems make the Pharmacist autonomous to intervene promptly and easily to better expose all sales products and communicate services and advice efficiently, helping it to achieve its objectives in a measurable and concrete way.

What are, in recent years, the most significant changes in pharmacies?

The world of Italian pharmacy has seen change in its ownership. In fact, in recent years the market of pharmacies is increasingly divided between independent pharmacies and pharmacies linked to large international chains. Currently the chains control a very high percentage of the market.

What are your innovations and solutions for the pharmacy sector?

Our furniture proposals allow you to adapt to each layout in the best way, keeping innovation and the evolution of the market as the first monitoring objectives. UNIC, the line that we have presented at the next Cosmofarma, designed by architect Simone Micheli, is composed of linear furniture and single-sided and double-sided gondolas of various heights, composed of round upright that allows, in addition to moving quickly, easily and autonomously tops and accessories to incorporate a lighting system to better expose, but above all communicate, further encouraging the sale and highlight the promotions by creating warmer areas. The multiple design solutions allow to expose the products effectively responding to every need. In addition, the modular or bespoke counters are made with antibacterial and antiviral material “ACTIVE”, a real novelty on the market, which guarantees maximum hygiene and protection of the Pharmacist and the Customer, not a simple temporary barrier, but an original and durable solution.

by Francesca Zorzetto

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