Interior design for Solinas Pharmacy in Cagliari

Progetto di interior design per la Farmacia SOLINAS di Cagliari

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Pharmacies have always been structured and designed as organized spaces for compulsory purchase, aimed to be visited as little as possible. Instead, the “Solinas Pharmacy” in Cagliari, has been conceived  and designed as a place that people can visit to meet everything they desire and need to achieve physical well-being.

Situated in a strategic location on an important commercial crossroad in the San Benedetto neighborhood, near the Court of Law and the Cagliari metro station, it is a place where people from Cagliari and elsewhere pass through, a melting pot of cultures that for years the city has experienced with serenity and inclusiveness.

Interior design for Solinas Pharmacy in Cagliari

Therefore, the Farmacia Solinas’s sign, which incorporates the words “Apoteke” and “Pharmacy”, opens its services to everyone.

On the façade the institutional green cross takes on dimensions and meanings that go beyond the mere commercial symbol: the cross is fluted by the silhouettes of Ginkgo biloba, a flower also used in herbalist shops for its well-known antioxidant properties.

The entrance, essential and elegant, consists of a small pronaos with vertical garden containing, on a black background, medicinal plants, aromatic herbs and ferns transmitting feelings of well-being and freshness.

The interior design is minimal, modern, cozy and refined.

The absolute white of Corian (an innovative material produced by DuPont) is the dominant colour and material in the furniture, shelving and displays.

Interior design for Solinas Pharmacy in Cagliari

The marine-green colour of the macro-categories signage features the interior of the shop and forms the basis for the design and packaging of the pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and wellness products.

Essential lines, with Cartesian geometries that are soft and velvety to the touch, were the guidelines for the design philosophy and concept.

The spaces have been designed to interact directly and discreetly with the public: counter, drawers, shelving and displays unit all designed with exclusive patterns, conceived and built for functional service management.

Interior design for Solinas Pharmacy in Cagliari

The sensation is to be in a “clean room” bright, healthy and exciting and at the same time, fresh, fragrant, aromatic and spicy, where every detail has been studied and made with the utmost care for every detail.

Location: Cagliari, Italy
Design: Francesco Serra Architect
Furniture manufacture: Mauroangius Srl

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