Koncept Fashion Store, the new idea for shopfitters

Koncept Fashion Store, the new idea for shopfitters.

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Shop design is constantly changing thanks to design offices and the appearance of increasingly environmentally responsible materials.

Following this trend, a new shop concept comes from Krion PORCELANOSA Group together with the Valencian studio Estudi{H}ac, headed by José Manuel Ferrero, with the presentation of Koncept Fashion Store, the new idea for shopfitters.

Koncept Fashion Store, the new idea for shopfitters.

This proposal creates a symbiosis between architecture and design thanks to the use of the materials Krion® Lux and Fitwall®. This is demonstrated in the 3 arcades arranged in parallel along the length of the shop, creating a dynamic and geometric corridor that gives continuity to the interior of the shop, and in combination with mirrors and neutral tones, increases the visual sensation of spaciousness.

Fitwall® decorative panel

The Fitwall® decorative panels, with their high relief, enhance the volumes of the design, and their organic shapes create a sense of perspective, enveloping the consumer with each of these elements. The panels are made of minerals, modified acrylic resin, which contains 3% recycled PET material, and a finish consisting of a variety of pigments, enamels or dyes, depending on the model. By means of a manual process, even the smallest detail is reproduced by means of different techniques, such as machining, ageing, sandblasting and casting of materials, among others.

Koncept Fashion Store, the new idea for shopfitters.

This meticulous process is the key to achieving perfect natural finishes that are visually and tactilely perceived through shapes, textures  and colours.  The complexity of the space is not a problem for Fitwall®, its easy transport and assembly without building work means that it can be installed quickly and cleanly, adjusting itself to the space. As in any retail project, the furniture is a key feature given the influx of customers that pass through the establishment.

The furniture made of Krion® Lux fits perfectly into the environment, meeting all requirements thanks to its transformation and bending capacity. Its seamless union creates uniform surfaces. Its high mineral composition gives it sufficient resistance to withstand the high traffic of the shop and its almost total non-porosity enhances the hygiene of the establishment.

With the Solid Surface Krion® Lux by PORCELANOSA, organic designs can be created and complex projects can be tackled. With its more than 110 models, some with backlighting, and its different finishes, it permits the total customisation of the space.

Koncept Fashion Store, the new idea for shopfitters.

This Koncept Fashion Store is a complete investment experience for the client thanks to the ideas and concepts presented by Krion PORCELANOSA Group.

Design Estudi{H}ac
Lamp Llanos Luz
Armchair and side tables Sancal Diseño
Curtain Kvadrat
Photos courtesy Adrián Mora Maroto

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