The perfume showroom signed by SDA Design is conceptualised as a fusion of modern and classical design elements meant to evoke a sense of rootedness in the past by adding hints of contemporary features to traditional design sensibilities.

The client is into the perfume business and wanted to tap into the UAE market by opening a retail store in Dubai. His intent was to have a retail store that was dramatic in terms of design and depicted the brand image. The client’s business deals in trading of wood scented perfumes and customised perfumery range which is displayed across their retail outlets.

Perfume Showroom in Dubai by SDA Design

The space is planned in two levels. The ground level is the showroom area where all the products are displayed, whereas the first floor comprises of a private office, admin area, pantry and bathroom. The retail zone was designed such that it creates an interactive experience for the customers. There are no counters blocking the display section to facilitate ease of movement. There is one central counter for customer enquiries and billing. Meanwhile, the first floor consists of private chambers for meetings and hosting premium clients.

The interiors of the showroom follow a deep blue colour scheme with accents of mirrors and gold. Italian tiles are used for flooring which adds to the element of luxury within the space. The cabinetry is in MDF finished in PU with accents of gold and metallic touch. Crystal clear mirrors are used in between cabinetry to create more reflective surfaces as the area was limited.

Perfume Showroom in Dubai by SDA Design

The fusion of classical and modern design elements was done in different ways. Mirrors with bevelled edges and lights in between cabinetry were added so that there is a delicate balance between the two distinct styles. There were also numerous challenges faced while undertaking this project. First, the facade was curved and it was quite difficult to accommodate the 90-degree display as planned. Second, the glass panels used on the facade were also complex to install due to the curve. As the entire facade was glass, there was the interference of natural light in the space. Hence, the metallic elements were to be placed in a way that there is not much glare causing discomfort for the user.

The furniture was all customised because of the space constraints and lack of variety in size modules needed. Hence, innovative play in dimensions and design was done to suit the requirements of the space.

Perfume Showroom in Dubai by SDA Design

Location Dubai
Architect Muneeb Sufyan, SDA Design
Area 74 sqm
Photos courtesy Groundwork Solutions