Lo studio Cardinali & Gazzabin Architects firma la boutique Minetti Kids

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The new boutique entirely dedicated to children’s fashion completes the already extensive offer proposed in the area by the Angelo Minetti group.

The boutique is located in the center of the city of Casale Monferrato, Italy, in a strategic position and close to the other boutiques of the group, but above all in a context of considerable historical and architectural value.

Cardinali & Gazzabin Architects signs the Minetti Kids boutique

Cardinali & Gazzabin Architects studio, which also built the previous Minetti boutiques, opted for an organic design that involved all the essential components of a new store, finishes, supplies, lighting.

The design choices were directed towards the search for uniqueness and originality. Distinguishing yourself also means looking for shapes, colors, atmospheres and lights that offer the customer a new experience and new emotions.

In this project, everything is designed to reconstruct the world of children: a colorful, fun, soft world, made up of shades and a thousand reflections. A space that highlights the very high quality of the products offered represented by the best Italian and foreign clothing brands.

Cardinali & Gazzabin Architects signs the Minetti Kids boutique

Minetti  Kids
Location Casale Monferrato (Alessandria), Italy
Design Cardinali & Gazzabin Architects
Photos courtesy Studio Daido

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