Boutique Delvaux a Dubai

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The iconic Belgian brand opens its first boutique in the Middle East in the Dubai Mall, the world’s largest shopping centre. Vudafieri-Saverino Partners’ concept showcases an aesthetic experience that recounts all the heritage and originality of a fashion house that invented the concept of modern bag.

This concept uses the language of interior decoration to recount the brand, with a narrative capacity that interprets the context, tradition, savoir-faire and contemporary creativity of the brand with an ever-changing language. Each location has a corresponding unique boutique, in which the Delvaux universe gives life to a personal and intimate dialogue between the Maison’s creations and magnificent works of museum quality decorative art

Delvaux opens its first boutique in the Middle East in the Dubai Mal

In Dubai, the challenge was to represent the brand’s almost two centuries of activity and its nature as an icon of high craftsmanship. From the invention of the modern handbag with the first leather model in 1908 to an archive that counts more than 3,000 pieces – including the iconic The Brillant (1958), The Tempête (1967), The Pin (1972) and The Lingot (2022), all handmade – to the fact that it has been the official supplier to the Royal Court of Belgium since 1883.

Tiziano Vudafieri and Claudio Saverino have interwoven design, art and architecture to reflect the brand’s savoir faire, heritage and craftsmanship in the new boutique: amidst imposing, modern creations, elegance sometimes allows itself to play with irony.

On the Fashion Avenue of the Dubai Mall, the space opens on a display with clean lines in shades of optic white outlined in black: a sort of treasure chest that opens onto a large fabric-covered portal which immediately reflects the brand’s refinement, sophisticated taste and attention to detail.

Delvaux opens its first boutique in the Middle East in the Dubai Mal

The atrium is characterised by curved wall units that represent a contemporary version of traditional Flemish furniture, combining intimacy and comfort with functionality. This hallway faces a large portal adorned with a selection of antique leather-cutting tools from the Delvaux atelier in Brussels. Framed by a majestic marble cornice, a small bar with a custom-designed counter in the same material, with a nickel velour finish, embodies the typical traditions of European cafés, synonymous with gathering, exchange and conviviality.

Here, the lounge area hosts armchairs with pouf Angolo by Tato, a re-edition of a great design classic signed by Corrado Corradi Dell’Acqua in 1963.

Delvaux opens its first boutique in the Middle East in the Dubai Mal

A vestibule covered in fabrics in soft burgundy tones with pale gold niches leads to the VIC (Very Important Costumer) lounge decorated with custom-made wallpaper inspired by the De Stijl style and the designs of Piet Mondrian, in sophisticated pale gold metallic shades on a silver background: an invitation for customers, who are in reality guests, to discover the collections in the comfort of an exclusive and dedicated space. The floors are in Point de Hongrie natural oak parquet and the walls have been treated in Marmorino, a stucco decoration inspired by marble that enriches surfaces through sophisticated plays of asperity and texture. The Inge sofa by Marta Sala Édition and two Little Big Chairs by Norr11 are standout features of the space.

At the inauguration, visitors were greeted by a stunning showcase inspired by the Atomium, one of Belgium’s symbols, erected for the 1958 Brussels Universal Exhibition, the year of the creation of The Brillant, one of the Maison’s iconic bags that has become a true icon in the world of leading luxury brands.

Delvaux opens its first boutique in the Middle East in the Dubai Mal

This is the visionary strength of the Delvaux universe, which Tiziano Vudafieri and Claudio Saverino have been able to affirm by proposing each time in a different and original way boutiques in which the belgitude of the historic leather goods is well connoted but also harmoniously introduced into the conceptual and cultural fabric of the various countries. A sort of fusion where the elements harmonise while remaining distinct and respectful of each other.

“It is a pleasure and a commitment for Delvaux to be present in such a diverse and cosmopolitan city” commented Jean-Marc Loubier, CEO of Delvaux. “We are here to meet and establish a real dialogue with new customers whose discerning tastes we know, bringing a different offer that combines genuine traditions, know-how, extreme quality and lively creativity. We aim to establish close relationships with our customers under the sign of the timeless values of our Maison”.

Delvaux opens its first boutique in the Middle East in the Dubai Mal

Location: The Dubai Mall, Fashion Avenue, United Arab Emirates
Project: Tiziano Vudafieri and Claudio Saverino, Vudafieri-Saverino Partners
Area: 213 sqm
Design team: Elena Pessina and Vanessa Ramponi
Local architect: Antefixe societé d’architecture
Lighting designer: Studio Amort – Walter Amort
General Contractor: Havelock One
Custom-made furniture: Barth
Seats: Tato, Marta Sala Édition e Norr11
Carpets: Equipecasa 
Lighting: Formalighting
Photos courtesy: Xavier Ansart

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