Hitzig Militello Architects designed Antiche Tentazioni ice cream shop

Progetto per la Gelateria Antiche Tentazioni di Buenos Aires

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Historical reminiscences playfully recasted according to a contemporary code

Hitzig Militello architects reformulated the concept as a contemporary abstraction by using arches, a quintessentially ancient and ever prominent feature of Italian architecture.

Hitzig Militello architects designed Antiche Tentazioni ice creame shop

Antiche Tentazioni’s Italian imprint is ubiquitous from product and equipment to its very owners. Prevalent in its unmistakably Tuscan style are the shades of terracotta, the choice of tiles, and its overall rundown appearance.

The spanish roof tiles are integral to the aesthetic DNA in a bifold manner: they are broken -signalling the passage of time- and their function has been reinterpreted as lighting. Curves, tiles and vegetation were all taken into account when designing the artifacts.

The arches are treated with imitation golden paint, and the surfaces filling them are covered with an Arabesque themed mesh. 

Hitzig Militello architects designed Antiche Tentazioni ice creame shop

The nightly image underscores the arches as the very essence of the project, while the mesh in the bar is reminiscent of ancient Roman arches.

Antiche Tentazioni
Libertador & Juramento, Buenos Aires.
Concept design, schematic, design developments
Hitzig Militello Architects
Project Team
Arch. Vanik Margossian, Arch. Dolores Gayoso, Arch. Julieta Setton, Arch. Jeanette Zotta
90 sqm
Photos courtesy
Federico Kulekdjian

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