Interior design for Bakra Nails Salon

Progetto di interior design per il centro estetico Bakra

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Studio Martín Peláez develops the interior design for Bakra, a brand specialized in beauty treatments active in Spain since 2016.

Bakra Flowers (Flores de Bakra) the title was given to the project due to its spatial concept and organizational system can be used for the development of other future Bakra spaces.

Interior design for Bakra Nails Salon

Concept store

With about 50 sqm of surface area and an entire window perimeter, it was decided to concentrate the elements in the center, releasing the rest of the space.

The manicure tables were designed as a big flower in plan, being each of the workstation a petal. The flower has a shared central node for trash and electrical supply, distributing to each petal for at least three plug-in devices and various sockets for clients and workers.

The pedicure zone is solved with the same scheme, but adapting its shape to its use. A large platform with rounded edges, from whose center water and electricity are distributed to each of the workstations.  Like the manicure, it is one hundred percent equipped in terms storage, waste and facilities.

Walls and ceilings were left raw and painted in white, seeking an abstract industrial-looking canvas, thus contrasting with the delicate world of the textiles, the smoothness of the curves and the light pink color.

Another premise that has been pursued, is the idea to generate different moments of privacy throughout the space. Translucent curtains have been used to achieve flexible privacy while also creating a scenery that surrounds and evades you from the outside, inducing a feeling of tranquility and total disconnection.

Interior design for Bakra Nails Salon

Another type of textile was introduced on the perimeter of the space in order to interrupt the direct vision from the outside to the inside and vice versa, also helping to emphasize that interiority feeling.

The sifted lights of the street, the color of the floor, the neon pink-lights that ink the entire space, and the mirror volumes work together to create a magical atmosphere..

Custom made furniture

The white millwork furniture is all custom made, as is the lacquered steel auxiliary furniture, such as the circular and semicircular side tables and product display shelves. The rest of the furniture such as work chairs, client chairs, stools and pedicure chairs, were introduced in gray color.

Interior design for Bakra Nails Salon

BAKRA Nails Salon
Location Albacete, Spain
Area 50 sqm
Design Martín Peláez Estudio
Design Team Ainhoa Martín, Francisco Peláez, Paula Riaza
Photos courtesy Amores Pictures

Martín Peláez Estudio

Architecture and design practice based in Madrid since year 2016. Realizes multi-scale projects from new buildings to interior design, installations and environmental graphics. It uses a bold but simple language, characterized by a conceptual approach, a careful selection of strokes and a reduced material palette in all  interventions. Collaborates with several schools in Madrid, teaching in various design courses and workshops.

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