Le Ville collezione di lastre in gres porcellanato effetto terrazzo di Casalgrande Padana

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Stoneware inspired once again by Venetian terrazzo floors, among the most renowned and popular Italian creations throughout the centuries, given a modern twist by Casalgrande Padana.

The new Le Ville porcelain stoneware tile collection comes in six patterns and five sizes (20×20, 30×60, 60×60, 60×120, and 120×120 cm), with two thicknesses (9 and 20 mm), and a natural, polished or Grip surface.

Le Ville by Casalgrande Padana: splendid decorative patterns in porcelain stoneware

Le Ville is a versatile new collection for the floors and walls of any living space, indoors or outdoors.  The tiles with the anti-slip Grip finish for exteriors, in a 20 mm thickness (colours Pisani and Valmarana only), are ideal laid on screed for paving patios, terraces, verandas and balconies, or directly on grass, gravel or sand, for walkways that can be walked on right away. They can be used to create smooth, seamless indoor-to-outdoor looks.

Ideal for large surfaces such as hotel, restaurant and store floors of all kinds, the collection also brings a stylish touch of character throughout the home. Squared, rectified, and with zero warpage, the large 120×120 cm stoneware tiles in the new terrazzo-look collection can create a seamless look with minimal joints, for elegant, contemporary living spaces.

Le Ville can also be combined with other Casalgrande Padana collections, especially the new Atelier range, for interesting, modern design and laying solutions.

Le Ville by Casalgrande Padana: splendid decorative patterns in porcelain stoneware

Random fragments of different sizes form an attractive pattern on the surface that catches the light, creating beautiful light and dark contrasts and a distinctive atmosphere full of timeless charm.

A tribute to beauty. Traditional, artisan grit flooring, with the impressive technical performance of porcelain stoneware, ready for you to unleash your creativity.

Casalgrande Padana stoneware is environmentally sustainable, fully recyclable, hypoallergenic and antibacterial (thanks to Antibacterial® technology, available on request).  It is also fire-resistant, non-absorbent, hard-wearing and easy to lay and clean; it has excellent flexural strength and remains unchanged over time in any climate.         

Le Ville by Casalgrande Padana: splendid decorative patterns in porcelain stoneware

Traditional yet contemporary, with all the elegance of days gone by. A new collection of terrazzo- effect porcelain stoneware tiles with a classic allure, ideal for uniquely stylish projects.

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