Airmix Lifestyle Concept Store

AIRMIX Concept Store

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Airmix is a lifestyle boutique located in Xi’an, designed by SpActrum.

The project begins by the redefinition the place that lifestyle holds within human life. Rather than something adhesive to everyday life, SpActrum understands lifestyle as an essential need deep inside humanity.

AIRMIX Lifestyle Concept Store

Bubbles become both the metaphor for both a transient need as well as formal concept of the design.

When soap bubbles cluster together, they form a series of interconnected domes, with planar walls separating each bubble from the next. The form and structure of a bubble as a physical phenomenon serves as a formal inspiration for the design. Through geometrical iterations of bubbles shifting in scale, being intersected by planes or other bubbles create a series of sculptural fragments that populate, connect and divide space.

AIRMIX Lifestyle Concept Store

The shop is situated on the corner of a bustling mall, with the longer side of the L-shaped space facing South. Along its back wall, the debris of the bubble identifies an altar-like space for skin products and cosmetics. The intensity of the lighting coming from the ceiling in contrast with the serenity of the altar is a subtle ironic gesture of consumerism.

In order to promote the new boutique brand, the front façade features a full height brand logo made of illuminated boxes and LED screens. A-I-R-M-I-X, with A and X, gently tilted towards the centre to indicate two entrances at two ends, while the other side of the L-shaped space faces a busy corridor connecting to shopping plazas. This façade has been designed as a filter for light and flow with its depth creating more space for shelved storage and display.

The large walkable steps are also display units in themselves allocated for oversized items such as luggage, speakers or similar. The ‘bubble debris’ hanging from the ceiling identifies a “Road to Fragrance”, which grabs the attention when looking up and creates a route that can be navigated by following the scents that are applied to the edges of the bubble fragments themselves.

AIRMIX Lifestyle Concept Store

The geometrical studies carried out during the design phase give all the elements of a general formal language which was further progressed and detailed with the manufacturers. The steel plates have been cut and shaped in a steel workshop which specializes in art pieces. Fixing and welding details have been discussed with the appropriate know-how to ensure precise and efficient manufacture and installation.

The colour scheme studies were carried out via digital rendering, miniature models and full-scale prototypes until a gradient of red was made up to appear like a stellar sunset on an alien scarlet planet.

AIRMIX Lifestyle Concept Store

Most of the materials used, such as steel and glass, are fully recyclable. 100% LED lighting is used to reduce energy consumption. Most of the suppliers for construction are located within a 50km-radius, which helps to reduce the carbon footprint on transportation. This boutique’s purpose is to bring a glimpse of lightness to the ‘heaviness’ of urban life both by its bright form and the sustainable lifestyle it represents.

Project Location Qujiang Creative Circle, Yanta District, Xi’an, China
Area 240 sqm
Client Shaanxi Airport Xinsilu Trade Co., Ltd
Architecture Design SpActrum
Chief Architect Yan Pan
Design Team Yijie Zhang, Zhen Li, Yimeng Tang, Xiao Wan, Jinyu Wan
Lighting Consultant Wei Sun
Contractor Shaanxi Sanyi Construction Engineering Co., Ltd
Still Plates & Sculpture Installation Jiahongjing
Terrazzo Floor Smooth
Photos courtesy Inspace

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