NiiiZ Design Lab designs Piretti Flagship Store

PIRETTI, la boutique dei golfisti

A new Seoul flagship for golf putter producer Piretti, which expanded its offerings to include clothes and accessories, expresses its brand values spatially to create a familiar environment for customers.

One out of 10 people in Korea play golf – more than five million people alone played a game last year. With the surging population of golfers, a slew of golf-wear brands have emerged to meet demand for clubs, clothes and accessories.

NiiiZ DESIGN LAB designs PIRETTI  Flagship Store

Piretti, a well-known brand for golf putters, expanded its offerings to include clothes and accessories exclusively for the South Korean market.

NiiZ Design Lab was called on by the brand to capture its ethos and introduce its newest branch. The 341sqm store is located in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, an area concentrated with golf-wear shops.

Piretti’s putters, which are used to finish playing a golf hole, served as the main inspiration of the space. The designer used the significance of the piece of equipment to communicate the space as an expression of the final moment of the golf game. A bronze spiral staircase, invokes the form of a trophy, reminding shoppers of victory. The use of black marble, matte concrete, pressed aluminium panels and hairline stainless steel is meant to reflect the materiality so integral to the brand, conveying its emphasis of quality construction.  Custom displays for gloves, hats, bags and other accessories were produced by a local artist.

NiiiZ DESIGN LAB designs PIRETTI  Flagship Store

Piretti is already a well-established, trusted name in the world of golf equipment. Despite its recognizability, customers are likely less familiar with its clothing and accessories because of its recent entry into this facet of golf outfitting. To garner interest in its new product family, Piretti’s Seoul outpost is grounded in familiarity, bridging the gap to the consumer.

NiiZ Design Lab drew on what the brand is already known for –its putters as well as the ideas of luxury and craftsmanship by using certain materials– to do so. Besides capturing the brand essence, the space also cleverly places the consumer in an abstraction of the setting that they will use the products in.

NiiiZ DESIGN LAB designs PIRETTI  Flagship Store

Location Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
Design Team Soojeong Lim, Solzy Maeng
Area 341 sqm.
Photos courtesy Studio Gothic

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