m-i-d concept store Yokohama by Curiosity

Concept Store M-I-D Yokohama

The latest concept store of m-i-d, the Japanese outfit brand, was opened at Sogo Yokohama.

Continuously from the first store located in Osaka, Curiosity designed the store featuring the selected collections of the brand, which brings the striking impression with the unique space harmonized with the items.

M-I-D Concept Store Yokohama by Curiosity

The iconic radiant lines shining dramatically on the ceiling immediately attracts eyes of shoppers walking through various stores on the floor. The mysterious core visible from the entrance generously opened to the corridor captures and invites them to the deep corner of the store, even with the unique shape of the space.

The store explores the exclusive collections of 5 brands of m-i-d, highlighting the beauty and quality of items in the exquisite balance and harmony. The elegance and refinement of the brand are accentuated with soft tone of pink color, identifying the character of Yokohama store.

Slabs with pink onyx are effectively placed to create the comfortable route, which provides the customers with fun to browse and discover new collections. Metal furniture with clear reflection rhythms the space. The streamlined form of the sparkling stages promotes the smooth

M-I-D Concept Store Yokohama by Curiosity

Location Yokohama, Japan
Design Curiosity
Photos courtesy Satoshi Shigeta

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