Ballard & Fant Beauty Bar by FORO studio

FORO Studio progetta Ballard & Fant Beauty Bar, Milano

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FORO Studio designs a hybrid concept store in Milan, a perfect balance between beauty centre and cocktail bar. A new and unusual venue focusing on beauty and hedonism.

FORO Studio progetta Ballard & Fant Beauty Bar, Milano

Ballard & Fant, the new reality driven by the creative flair of the Milanese studio that took care of the branding and architecture, rises at Viale Piave 6.

The space

Ballard & Fant is a beauty bar addressing a high-profile public eager to take care of their well-being and image. It is a beauty centre that, besides exclusive professional beauty services focused on face, hands and feet care, offers a cocktail bar and cafeteria service through an integrated area.

FORO Studio designed a hybrid hospitality space of 120 sqm merging two activities, generally separate.

The concept

This innovative concept store targets those seeking an all-in-one experience of leisure and pleasure, so FORO Studio emphasizes the interactions between services and areas. As an absolute newcomer in the Milanese scenario, the project drives towards the trend of contamination of functions within the same architectural volume. FORO Studio aims to make the two realities coexist harmoniously, avoiding one excluding the other.

The main focus inspiring the design team is the concept’s deep grounding in contemporaneity. Indeed, the space does not only address a distinct gender audience but refers instead to a ‘fluid’ audience. So the fluidity idea becomes a value guiding the strategy in the definition phases of the CMF project (colours, materials, finishes).

The project

The intention in developing the aesthetic context of the space is to create suggestions of a harmonious contrast between opposites. In this sense, warm tones alternate with cold ones, providing a perfect balance. Similarly, the surfaces, furnishings and decorative elements play on the contrast between curvy lines meeting strict geometries.

The cocktail and facial bar areas offer a lush and refined look. Opposite, the beauty area gains a clinical and minimalist touch.

The space consists of two complementary areas: the lounge bar and the beauty treatment, following the irregular architectural conformation of the settlement building.

The area featuring the entrance and the front window hosts the cocktail bar and the lounge, while the partially hidden section at the back is set aside for the beauty centre.

The connection between the two areas provides a striking decorative element: a series of blue glass gateways guides the eye towards the beauty area and gives perspective depth. In addition to the theatrical feel, this boundary space hosts the facial bar and the shop. Moreover, it outlines two small lounges offering an intimate dimension.

FORO Studio selected several companies to supply materials, furnishings and accessories.

Floor tiles are by Ceramica Sant’Agostino, and the coatings of the tailor-made furnishings by FORO Studio are by Arpa Industriale and Kaindl, used for support surfaces and structures.

The lounge seats are by Copiosa, while the furniture and technical elements of the beauty area are by Lemi.

As for the lighting, the iconic wireless lamps on the lounge tables are by Flos, and the dramatic hanging composition dominating the bar counter is by Stilnovo.

The Experience

As for the experience, this concept differs from beauty salons unable to escape the cliché of a purely feminine aesthetic. Both brand and space target the agender lifestyle, addressing those who wish to invest time in their well-being in a ‘slow’ dimension that escapes the chaotic metropolitan context. The interior project provides different welcoming and living areas, such as a bar, lounge, parlours and technical stations, to merge various experiences and interactions in a single place. FORO Studio intended to resemble the space as an urban retreat, where one to take care of oneself and feel comfortable with others.

Three are the themes identified by FORO Studio in designing the experience:

  • aesthetics
  • hedonism
  • conviviality 

The first; is the idea of moving away from the usual appeal of beauty salons based on aseptic tones due to a clever CMF design.

The second; is the idea of generating a space providing physical and mental pleasure.

The third; is an idea aiming to stimulate relations between people and interaction with the space.

FORO Studio

FORO Studio was founded in 2014 in Milan. Since then, it dealt with architecture, interior design and brand identity, product design and graphics.  FORO Studio develops creative and communication projects able to address multiple needs.

Among the studio’s clients are some important realities in the design world including Atkinsons, I Coloniali, Parah, Maryling, Westwing Italia, Chivas, Magistretti Foundation and Aoyama Design Forum.

Over the years, FORO Studio has been awarded of prestigious international prizes and awards, including the BIGSEE Interior Design Award 2021, the IF Design Award 2019, the German Design Award 2019, the BIGSEE Interior Design Award 2019, and the Archilovers Best Project 2018. 

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