Pizzeria San Lazzaro | Pizza Legend – Cortona, Italy

Progetto Pizzeria San Lazzaro - Pizza Legend di Emanuele Svetti

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Pizzeria San Lazzaro | Pizza Legend is a new project by architect Emanuele Svetti.

Pizza, as we all know, is no longer just a plate, it is a fact, a universal symbol, which involves everyone, it is a global plate and sometimes unfortunately “Globalized”. The most effective synthesis on the essence of a pizza remains by Aurelio Ferro in the 1950s, a man willing to do the most unthinkable insanity for a woman he has just met, but she wanted a pizza. A choir of Neapolitan voices could help us to make it better the idea, “vulia a ‘pizza”. On the other hand, for those who make pizzas, making them is like loving someone, a real gesture of love. Pizza is a Status Symbol and why not: a Legend..

When the moon makes you open your eyes wide like a big pizza … this is Love“, this is the song of Dean Martin, and from here the “journey” of Emanuele Svetti has begun, a new, unconventional environment, where the presence of surreal elements, that recall oneiric dimensions, can be experienced combined with a game of two-dimensional geometries: the black and white of the surfaces literally “quartered” by the unexpected arrival of an iron giant that looks out, in an unprecedented perspective from the ceiling.

Pizza Legend is a new project by architect Emanuele Svetti

This is the first time in which I work in the design of a Pizzeria – declares the architect – and this is a Neapolitan pizzeria designed on Mars“.

This sentence makes us understand immediately how, with the usual irreverent irony of the architect, the project of this pizzeria is based on the search for a new format and the claim ‘Pizza Legend’, does not want to emphasize the value of pizza, but celebrate the taste of our status symbol, making the most of the functionality of a commercial space which has a floor area of ​​only 95 square meters on a single floor. Thirty of these are obtained to “tell” the legend.

Pizza Legend is a new project by architect Emanuele Svetti

Getting there was a job of “high spatial tailoring”, in fact we worked closely with the pizza makers looking for the best possible optimization and thus create a harmonious compromise between style and functionality.


In the coverings, it was used grès to maintain easily sanitized technical spaces and to create a geometric pattern capable of giving originality to the whole environment. The grès covers the floor and some walls creating a suggestive pattern effect, while a part of the restaurant room has been defined with a contrast line between black and white wall enamel. The result? a captivating game of geometries at the interior of the space.

Pizza Legend is a new project by architect Emanuele Svetti

Unconventional the choice of applying wallpaper to the ceiling inspired by the “Project” collection, designed for Zambaiti Parati. The studio reworks it specifically to make the intervention unique, demonstrating once again the production flexibility of the company, now a brand reference in the sector. As soon as the customer enters the restaurant, he/she is literally “welcomed” by a robot that comes out curious to “greet” the guest through a sort of gash in the ceiling from which a part of the Cortona skyline can be glimpsed, thus also becoming the symbol of the new course of pizzeria. The conventionally empty space of the ceiling is thus filled with an original solution by an element that characterizes it and makes it recognizable.

The counter covering was always made of grès on a wooden structure that rests on the refrigerated metal elements, but here with a Venetian terrazzo effect that incorporates the contrast between white and black, emphasized by a skilful play of profiles of light that enhance the play of geometries.

The tables were made to design with a Pedrali base using grès tiles that act as a support surface. Seats are by Pedrali and the stools are positioned in front of the pizza making area.

Pizzeria San Lazzaro - Pizza Legend

San Lazzaro is a cozy, compact, original place and certainly far from the stereotype of the pizzeria, interpreted in the strong, playful and elegant style that characterizes so many of the architect Emanuele Svetti’s projects.

Location: Cortona, Italy
Area: 95 sqm
Design: Studio Svetti Architecture

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