One Fine Day Studio & Partners signs PlaySERIOUS Boutique in Shenzen

One Fine Day Studio & Partners signs PlaySERIOUS Boutique in Shenzen

Butterfly Changing

Inspired by time: Butterflies embody the ability to undergo metamorphosis, representing a subtle vibration that propels us into the future. Just as the process of industrial construction involves evolution and change, fashion is also a construct that evolves over time. The butterfly-shaped frame, a conventional component in stage construction, is a symbol that showcases contradictory characteristics of variability and stability, with the butterfly’s shape itself serving as a metaphor for change.

By utilizing the butterfly-shaped frame to tap into the brand’s concept and DNA, the composition and derivation reflect the industrial roughness of construction, while also being refined and elegant, in keeping with the refined and playful of the PlaySERIOUS.

One Fine Day Studio & Partners signs PlaySERIOUS Boutique in Shenzen

PlaySERIOUS Boutique in Shenzen

This is a new venture by a small boutique store, experimenting with the design of a compact low-ceilinged space. The site was originally a department store with limited vertical space, so One Fine Day Studio & Partners used varying ceiling heights to create distinct functional areas and to maintain an open spatial relationship. The space is divided into two zones: the front area, which serves as an outward-facing display area, and the back area, which is dedicated to internal services.

PlaySERIOUS Boutique in Shenzen

Entrance: Preset Sequence

At the entrance of the front area, a relatively narrow display space with a dark, curved block enhances spatial contrast. Spotlights and curtain walls create a “stage” effect, making the background ideal for displaying clothing in a rational and exquisite manner.

By establishing anticipation through the use of variation and contrast, the design creates both a prelude and a pathway, while the scene and setting complement and overlap with each other. This imbues the space with an exploratory quality that resonates with the brand attribute of PlaySERIOUS.

One Fine Day Studio & Partners signs PlaySERIOUS Boutique in Shenzen

Interface: Frame & Form

The clean geometric structure, intricate framing, and clear spatial sequence create a compatible, pure space. The combination of lighting films and mirrors produces a futuristic experimental atmosphere. Contrasting materials such as metal and transparent acrylic bring together virtual and real sensations.

Green acrylic butterfly-shapedframes, with their high-saturation colors and delicate components, inject themselves into the space like a digitally generated model, exhibiting the contemporary aspects of time and motion. The space serves as a free and genuine interface, full of experimentation and imagination. The once-narrow area is now open in its truest form.

PlaySERIOUS Boutique in Shenzen

Anchors: Imagery & Concept

Using the butterfly-shaped frame as the primary design element, it undergoes transformation and recombination to present different expressions through varied proportions and textures. This creates a specific symbol and a memory anchor for the space.

Reflection:  Relationship Exploring

In the face of limited space, the special properties of mirrors and creative spatial language are used to create layers and imbue the space with a sense of continuous exploration. With changes in perspective, the space opens up new possibilities.

One Fine Day Studio & Partners signs PlaySERIOUS Boutique in Shenzen

The fitting room and warehouse are hidden behind mirrors, expanding the visual space to a great extent while fulfilling the functional requirements. Reflection replaces segmentation, extending the scale of the space.

In the reflection of mirrors, physical boundaries are transformed into contrasts – between openness and semi-openness, new relationships and assumptions emerge. It is both a reflection and a subversion; the positive becomes negative and the borders become spaces. Multiple layers of spatial properties are presented through the interweaving and displacement of space.

Expansion: Imaginary Domain

The pink stone material, integrated with the walls and ceilings, creates a dreamlike spatial texture. By raising the ground, lowering the ceiling, and incorporating mirrored reflections on both sides, an infinitely extended visual effect is formed, while the illuminated floor eliminates the sense of confinement.

The exhibition space is designed to enhance the interactive experience with young people. It has a fundamental capacity for scene updates, like a virtual model that leads us into different “sets”, with infinite and changing properties.

One Fine Day Studio & Partners signs PlaySERIOUS Boutique in Shenzen


Space becomes an inspiring container and experimental field, carrying expressions of multiple attributes and ideas of freedom, reflecting the fashion spirit and consciousness of the new generation of young people, thus deepening the brand concept of PlaySERIOUS.

PlaySERIOUS Boutique
Location: Shenzhen The Mixc, China
Area: 103 sqm
Architects: One Fine Day Studio & Partners
Lead Architect: Jump Lee
Design Team: Zi-yue Zhou, Ru-lin Fang
Photos courtesy: Yuuuunstudio