Pulsar, the new collection of ceramic surfaces created by Fiandre Architectural Surfaces

Pulsar, la nuova collezione di superfici ceramiche ideata da Fiandre Architectural Surfaces,

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A new dimension: Pulsar, the new collection of ceramic surfaces created by Fiandre Architectural Surfaces, offers a sensory journey that flirts with other galaxies, an explosion of matter with huge stylistic and emotional value, enhanced by an amazing tactile and visual depth.

Pulsar, la nuova collezione di superfici ceramiche ideata da Fiandre Architectural Surfaces

From particle to mass, from mass to matter, from matter to surface, from surface to application. Pulsar winks an eye at a path that starts from the smallest known part of the universe, the particle, and turns it into a covering. An initially visual suggestion, but which then becomes tactile and concretely everyday. All this is embodied by the essence of Pulsar. Starting ideally from the origins of the universe, the Big Bang, Pulsar is inspired by matter, not only in its geological sense but also as the genesis from atom to infinity, searching for an architectural and symbolic identity that connects humans to their deepest roots. Pulsar springs from the desire to offer surfaces with intrinsic ancestral values translated into living elements using the brand’s most advanced technologies, inspiring an emotional architectural experience that goes beyond the mere matter.


With a natural look rich in sophisticated details, Pulsar corresponds perfectly to the most refined and contemporary demands of designers. Its harmonious, earthy shades create high-impact combinations in both the most classical projects and the more elaborate and trend-setting. Ideal for both floor and wall coverings, with its R10B structure it can even be used safely in wet environments. PULSAR comes in sizes 120×120, 120×60 and 60×60 cm, all 1 cm thick.

The series comes in five natural colour shades Snow Pulsar, Graphite Pulsar, Gravel Pulsar, Silt Pulsar and Dune Pulsar – and three finishes – Satin, Natural R10B and Structured R10B. The Fiandre Architectural Surfaces research department paid particular attention to this aspect, developing a wide range with different end results: the Satin finish is smooth and silky to the touch, yet matt, as contemporary trends demand; Natural R10B is textured to the touch, yet without any visual roughness; while Structured plays on textured irregularities that are emphasised by the light, a specific feature that makes it visually ideal for wall coverings.


Pulsar is an exclusive collection by Fiandre Architectural Surfaces, generated from natural raw materials. The full-bodied technique used to make it reveals the full thickness of the product, which is uniform and constant from the surface through the body. Using a pioneering production process, natural raw materials and minerals are combined without any predetermined pattern, creating a harmonious mix of granules and flakes that make each slab unique and unrepeatable. The result? Surfaces made from an innovative and uniform, compact and indestructible, safe and ecological material that maintain the initial appearance through the whole thickness, even in the event of wear or damage. This feature makes it ideal for projects with shaped and visible edges, allowing the surfaces to be decorated by subtraction, as if engraved.

ACTIVE SURFACES®, eco-active surfaces

On request, Pulsar is also available as an eco-active Active Surfaces®.

Present on the market for over 10 years and covered by European patents, Active Surfaces® exploit the photo-catalytic properties of titanium dioxide which, combined with silver, transform ceramics into an eco-active material with significant antibacterial antiviral, anti-pollution, anti-odour and self-cleaning properties, certified to ISO standards.

Thanks to the exposure to (natural or artificial) light and the humidity in the air, Active Surfaces® ceramic surfaces are able to eliminate bacteria, viruses, fungi and mould. In the same way, they also eliminate bad odours, prevent the formation of polluting particles and stop the dirt from sticking, making rooms healthier and more comfortable. Their antiviral effectiveness has also been tested on SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for Covid-19, 94% of which is eliminated in just 4 hours of exposure to natural and artificial light. In addition, the effectiveness of Active Surfaces® lasts and lasts, even in the dark.

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