Migliore+Servetto studio designs the Buffetti Flagship Store in Rome

Flagship Store Buffetti Roma

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The first Flagship Store opened in the heart of Rome inaugurating a new dimension of the market’s leading brand for the world of work.

There is a new horizon in the design of the new Buffetti Group stores.

Migliore+Servetto studio designs the Buffetti Flagship Store in Rome

The 170-sqm-space-large located in via Barberini 40 has now been completely renovated thanks to the design by the Migliore+Servetto studio: it is a place with a strong identity that extends a warm welcome, and is able to highlight and convey company values. It is a place where tradition becomes innovation and everyone can orientate themselves easily.

Graphics, signs and colours

The new set-up is characterised by a strong and distinctive element: the horizon. A continuous horizontal band runs along the walls, becoming the central element around which the space develops. The horizon represents the main focus area and acts as an immediate point of reference for orienteering, within which the product guides the customers’ curiosity and the pathways for their visits, supported by modular, flexible elements such as graphics, signs and colours. A clear-cut design in the wall decoration embraces the environment and acts as an identity marker on different levels.

A vivid and vibrant Klein blue emphasises the presence of the horizon, recalling the brand’s institutional colour but in a more intense and bright shade, in dialogue with other hues that have been chosen for specific significant roles: lime green – the colour of innovation that accompanies the blue to break the rhythm of the spaces and pick out the products and areas; white, recalling the concepts of clearness and cleanness, and then orange, red and green, all colours that identify the areas dedicated to the world of gifts with Campo Marzio, the school sector with Pigna and the world of sustainability with the Buffetti brand I Love Green.

Displaying products

At the centre of the space there is a system of islands displaying products that confers greater permeability to the store from outside and represents the first visual plane in relation to that defined by the wall-furnishings, which make use of the vertical apparatus of elements to create a sort of scenic background effect that is useful for better organising the products.

design of the new Buffetti Group stores

The Buffetti flagship store is further characterised by the presence of Buffetti Digital, a central space with high-visibility framed by two Klein blue towers that hosts the reception and help desk area. This is an area dedicated to digital services and managing software, which are the most modern aspect of the brand and a reference point for the world of work..

Integrated lights and a system of cutting-edge tiny spotlights

The lighting design is a key factor in determining the quality of the overall space. In it, all the furnishings – from the islands to the wall-furnishing that run along the whole perimeter – are equipped with integrated lights and a system of cutting-edge tiny spotlights that use scenic lighting tocreate accents and calculated pauses that help bring attention to the products. Suspended lines of cylindrical light custom-made designed by the studio build up areas of diffused light that break the sharp, precise rhythm of the spotlights.

Flagship Store Buffetti in Rome

In the interests of greater usage and inclusiveness, the new Rome store matches the main entrance, which is scenic and attractive thanks to its location in the corner between via Barberini and the rising street to San Nicola da Tolentino, with a secondary entrance conceived to facilitate access for people with disabilities.

Location Rome
Area 170 sqm
Design Migliore+Servetto
Photos courtesy Andrea Martiradonna


Founded in 1997 by Ico Migliore and Mara Servetto, Migliore+Servetto is an Italian design studio based in Milan that has carried out over 550 projects in 21 countries. It has won numerous prestigious international awards, including three Compassi d’Oro. The firm specialises in the creation of branding projects and narrative spaces – public areas, museums, exhibitions, installations, projects for retail, hospitality and entertainment – engaging at every level, from interior design to graphics, from video to multimedia.

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