Dikka Bakery in Shanghai

Dikka Bakery in Shanghai

📅17 Maggio 2023, 15:03

“Juxtaposition of Structure”

By superimposing several juxtaposed layers of the site, Some Thoughts amplified rich contents and urban social realm within Dikka Bakery’s interior into the exterior in complanate forms.

Dikka Bakery in Shanghai

To generate a transitional space, entrance of the building was created by extending a part of the building directly into street, eliminating the conflicting circulation between streets and patrons.

Engaging with the architectural force embedded in the project, the new functions were planned based on the original structure, addressing the notion that retail space is for public use.

The openness and inclusiveness of Dikka Bakery Store are endowed through the correlation between lights and its architectural scale.

Dikka Bakery was designed by Some Thoughts Studio

To introduce natural lights, existing floor slabs on the second floor were cut open as a massing strategy. The soft light flows along the shelter-like structure, enabling the space to work as a light filter. Traversing through the two-story building with design that speaks to ample natural elements, the visitors’ s experience completes at a rather relaxing and chill ambiance.

A set of reasonable and diverse display shelves customized for the store has been employed based on formal logic. The scanning payment machine is inserted into the table, proposing flexible usage and visual appreciation under effective conditions.

The elevators, positioned across the first floor to the upstairs, deliver products and form the visual focal point of the space, as well as avoiding circulatory conflicts between staff and customers.

Dikka Bakery Store

In this narrow space, a cabinet with two-way shopping baskets is set up under the platform, which dynamically divides logistics work of store staff from the customers’ movement.

Extra thoughts involved in the project includes the lighting fixtures, elevators, inserted POS boxes, and two-way storage cabinets, our strategy amounted to transforming “standardization” to “experiential” and “playfulness”, while achieves the same functioning efficiency.

Dikka Bakery Store

Dikka’s understanding towards nature allow the production for their unconventional bakery, suitable for divergent occasion and needs. The concept and material section are inspired in part by their snack-like bakery, as in a palette of organic materials with inherited natural attributes were employed to celebrate the brand’s value in a more perceptive manner.

Location Shanghai
Area 120 sqm
Interior and installation design Some Thoughts
Lead designer Jingze Li
Design team Guo Xiang
Photo credit SFAP

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