Aequaliter: a professionals team designs your Pharmacy

Aequaliter pharmacy design

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Aequaliter want to make a difference with the ability to imagine spaces before building them, giving life to ideas and above all substance to desires.

Aequaliter design today’s future-oriented pharmacy to seize the new opportunities born after the pandemic.

Design by simple but captivating lines, harmonies in shapes, in the choice of colors and materials: to create for the customer the feeling that everything he sees is there for him, to satisfy his own requests.

Well-studied lighting, thanks also to the esteemed Lighting Designer Bianca Tresoldi, which helps to perceive the senses, to instinctively feel the pleasure of being in the right place.

“Details are not details they create the product” (Charles Eames)

by AN shopfitting magazine no.174 ©

Photos courtesy Adriano Pecchio