Luciani Pharmacy in Rome: two souls in one

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Luciani Pharmacy and Perfumery moves into new premises, expanding the sales area, optimizing the spaces and creating a sales point divided between two souls: the pharmacy and the perfumery.

For more than twenty years  Luciani Pharmacy offers qualified service for beauty and health world, making use of specialized both prevention and beauty staff..

Farmacia Luciani Roma progettazione di ITAB Farmacie

Luciani family request was to develop a shop-in-shop concept where pharmacy and perfumery could coexist and be distinct at the same time.

ITAB Pharmacy design team carrying out a turnkey project that allowed to control the design and executive process at every step.

The false ceiling and the floor, characterized by different colors, visually distinguish the pharmacy and perfumery areas and make the sales point more aesthetically and architecturally pleasing.

Designers paid particular attention to furnishing the perfumery area, studying solutions able of satisfying display and storage needs. An example the make-up gondola, a  furniture designed to optimize the display space and increase sales, offering two advantages:

  • A clear and orderly display of make-up products, integrated into the furnishings and layout
  • The presence of drawers for stock items

It was also possible insert two services booths: one for self-analysis and one dedicated to beauty.

Farmacia Luciani Roma progettazione di ITAB Farmacie

Lighting Project

ITAB’s designers have paid particular attention to the relationship between physical forms and luminous lines, proposing a lighting solution capable of highlighting the pharmacy and perfumery areas in the best possible way.

ITAB Farmacie progetta la Farmacia Luciani a Roma

A new brand

Thanks to an in-depth comparison between ITAB’s creative team and the customer, it was possible to create a new brand that respect the initial request to join the two business souls: pharmacy and perfumery.

And it is precisely the L, the initial of the surname Luciani, that replicates and intersects itself in a play of colors that are then also taken up again in the architectural elements and paint schemes. The two L, the two souls of the pharmacy, come together in an embrace that focuses on the customer.

From a simple, geometric and elementary sign, an elegant and personal pattern is given life that characterizes pharmacy interiors and windows. New brand identity features octanium and chocolate colors as protagonists: two shades that combined make the space elegant and trendy.

branding Farmacia Luciani Roma

Luciani Pharmacy and Perfumery is renewed expressing in the layout its mission: offer to its customers the best shopping experience in a space where the combination of health and beauty is more than perfect.

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