Sensory Equilibrium: 3½ Coffee Experience in Shanghai by Some Thoughts Studio

Sensory Equilibrium: 3½ Coffee Experience in Shanghai by Some Thoughts Studio

In the bustling streets of Shanghai, where life intertwines with social interactions, we find the enchanting 3½ store nestled on Taiyuan Road. For Some Thoughts, this project is a profound exploration of balance, both in its inclusive essence and its diverse commercial offerings.

The facade of 3½ presents a grand scale, yet a restrained approach is evident in the selection of materials, the design of the entrance, and the signage. The intention is to seamlessly integrate the architecture into the fabric of the street, extending an almost organic embrace to each visitor.

At the entrance, a space has been meticulously crafted to invite a momentary pause. It functions as a sanctuary where visitors can linger in a state of emotional anticipation, offering a glimpse into the extraordinary sensory journey that awaits them.

Some Thoughts Studio designed 3½ Coffee in Shanghai

Sensory encounters with products and services.

Every aspect of the spatial organization and flow revolves around the art of conversation. A captivating L-shaped bar counter gracefully traverses the entire expanse, becoming the focal point for sensory encounters with products and services.

3½ Coffee Shanghai by Some Thoughts Studio

Some Thoughts has transformed the exploration of symbolic representation in commercial design into a profound understanding of the sensory dimensions. This is achieved through the preservation of design language and the seamless integration of behavioral patterns.

3½ Coffee Shanghai details

Ascending the spiral staircase, the second floor unfolds as a multifaceted sanctuary. Here, visitors are immersed in an ambiance that effortlessly blends the professionalism of a chef’s kitchen with an atmosphere of relaxation. This space is not only a realm for daily operations but also a hub for product development, industry sharing, and occasional gatherings, where authenticity and creativity converge.

3½ Coffee Shanghai by Some Thoughts Studio

The interplay of “organic resin” and “fiberglass” in a rhythmic dance of mixing, solidification, and polishing creates a texture that exudes an enchanting tapestry of randomness and interconnectedness. Harnessing the harmonious interplay between nature and human ingenuity, designers have endeavored to strike a delicate balance between the architectural structure and the surrounding natural elements, allowing them to coexist in perfect harmony.

“3½, a name that encapsulates the essence of our vision, with “3” representing the pursuit of “excellent
coffee,” and “½” symbolizing our relentless quest for coffee quality that transcends mere excellence.”
explain architects.

3½ Coffee project

In this realm, Some Thoughts firmly believes that the space need not conform to fleeting trends or vie for attention. Instead, it gracefully unfolds over time, captivating hearts and minds with its timeless allure.

Location: No. 1, Lane 305, Taiyuan Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai
Space and Display Design: Some Thoughts Spatial Design Studio
Lead Designer: Li Jingze
Designers: Xie Zhen, JinQiang
Interior Area: 100 sqm
Photo: SFAP