Rimani. Adding value to your project

Rimani la nuova luce

Rimani is a company specialized in designing and creating innovative lighting solutions located in Piedmont, Turin. Founded in 2015, Rimani, literally re-use, symbolizes the reuse of skillful hands and products and has its roots in the forty-year experience of entrepreneur Carlo Albano, marked by innovation, technology, and the quest for distinguished products. Its history starts from a path undertaken with passion and determination, characterized by the constant commitment to the pursuit of perfection and the offer of high-quality products.

With his vast experience, his visions and his insights, Carlo Albano has molded Rimani into a new chapter in the evolution of lighting systems. It embodies a harmonious blend of form and function, where light assumes a fundamental role in people’s daily lives. Starting from an up-to-date know-how in electronics, information technology and home automation, Rimani dedicates itself to research, championing its mission: to create added value to each project with special solutions. These specialized innovations, as Carlo Albano emphasizes, are crafted under the principle: ‘If it doesn’t exist, Rimani creates it for you.

Smart, intelligent and empathetic

In a comprehensive catalog showcasing indoor and outdoor lighting systems, Rimani makes the customization of the product the answer to every request of the customer, combining experience with innovation, key element that reflects the desire to remain a step ahead in the technological landscape. The synergy between technology and creativity fosters the creation of intelligent and empathetic lighting systems, individually crafted and industrialized for each client. Rimani’s primary objective is firmly directed towards positioning itself as a trailblazing company championing the ‘smart’ utilization of light, enhancing people’s lives by accentuating beauty while minimizing environmental impact.

Starting from a custom element, Rimani excels in molding light to suit diverse environments, offering a multitude of applications and a variety of uses that craft distinctive atmospheres. Rimani interprets customization through three dimensions: firstly, the adaptation of a standardized product, meticulously reconfigured to fit a specific project; secondly, customization in its purest form, tailored to the designs of architectural firms or designers; and lastly, customization in terms of the extensive array of colors and finishes available.

Rimani’s applications span both indoor and outdoor settings, where their collections are tailored through specialized treatments. These include protective coatings to prevent aluminum oxidation and resin applications on electronic components, ensuring water insulation and weather resistance. The products are available in several finishes, ranging from traditional painting to galvanic treatments or texturization. Among the materials used, aluminium is the primary element, associated with steel or copper, which due to their characteristics facilitate enhanced dissipation of the heat generated by the LED light source.

Market and sectors

With a well-established presence on the Italian territory, Rimani is a reality positioned in a significant way also at European level, particularly in the Swiss market, along with notable operations in France and Malta. The company is determined to expand further into non-European markets maintaining the quality of service that has always distinguished it, and the flexibility in adapting and responding to the needs and unique challenges of new scenarios. Rimani develops projects for every type of environment working mainly in three sectors: creative lighting solutions, healthcare lighting and horticultural lighting.

In the realm of creative lighting solutions field, Rimani excels in designing lighting systems of the highest technological standards.Their portfolio includes installations in various locations, such as museums like the Correr Museum in Venice, the Hall of the Major Council at the Doge’s Palace, the Fortuny Venice Palace, the Murano Glass Museum, Ca’ Pesaro, and Ca’ Rezzonico in Venice. Additionally, Rimani has contributed lighting solutions for places of worship such as the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta in Cremona, the church Santa Maria del Buon Consiglio in Milan, and the sanctuary of Santa Maria del Fonte di Caravaggio but also retail spaces and showrooms, such as the boutique of Erika Cavallini and the Adigeo shopping center in Verona. Rimani has also left its mark in the architectural sphere, illuminating the roof of the Libeskind Tower in Milan, lighting the halls of the Royal Palace of Caserta, the Armi Sud halls of the Arsenale in Venice, and the windows of Nuvola Lavazza. Furthermore, their contributions extend to residential areas, including villas and private houses.

In the Healthcare lighting sector, Rimani prioritizes the well-being of individuals. With the motto “Quality of light is quality of life”, Rimani expands its range of action in hospitals, health homes and RSA. Aseptic environments and with a cold atmosphere have always been the incentive for Rimani to develop products that bring a sense of warmth and hospitality in these environments. Tailored and appropriate lighting plays a significant role in expediting care processes by harmonizing with the body’s circadian rhythms, thereby enhancing individual comfort.

In the Horticultural lighting domain, Rimani specializes in the design of specific lighting for plants. Thanks to a specific study, always at the forefront and the deep knowledge of LED technology, Rimani has d pioneered systems that foster the maintenance and growth of different types of plants, with specific attention to vertical green for indoor, increasingly in demand.

Designing the light, calibrating it, weighing it, giving the right color and warmth to the perfect scenario, this is Rimani.