An interactive stage for Nike’s House Of Innovation

Nike House Of Innovation Paris

In celebration of first  dance collection, Nike entrusts Random Studio to design an installation for the House of Innovation in Paris.

The campaign ‘Own the Floor’ features a medley of three types of dance – breakbeat, vogue and afrobeat – each represented by ambassadors from the local and international dance scene. Introduced at the window display, these dance styles are each represented by podiums on the store’s ground floor with mannequins sporting the products, as well as small screens and printed backdrops that host campaign content. Interconnected yet distinct, the podiums frame the interactive stage, the centrepiece of the spatial design, inspiring visitors onto their own path of self-expression by guiding them to the intimate dancefloor. As if stepping into a dance class, the installation is fashioned out of glass lined by a wall of double-sided mirrors with screens hidden behind them.

A choreography of sound and coloured lights

  • An interactive stage for Nike’s House Of Innovation

The moment a visitor enters, the space responds to them with a choreography of sound and pulsing coloured lights, fed by their movement and energy. They are faced by their digital reflection, captured in real time by a hanging camera. As they move, a splintered video view mirrors them back, treating the footage with different filters as if generating a live music video. Connecting the whole space, the circular light cast over the window display also responds to whoever is using the interactive space, flooding the store with the energy of its visitors, while mirrors feature as a material throughout the product displays. Like a set, the modular centerpiece of the space can be shifted around to host a variety of different events.

“We wanted to infuse the store with the infectious audio-visual energy of dance: with an interactive stage at its heart, our modular experience transformed the HOI into a participatory theatrical space where visitors are invited to join in” – say the architects.

photo credits Tom D Morgan

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