Anidride Design presents Monolite, the new and imposing Gibam showroom balanced between innovation and minimalism

It seems emerging from the ground as a majestic monument coming back from past and projecting itself into the future. Monolite is this and much more else, the new showroom of the Gibam brand is designed by the praised Studio Anidride Design of the holistic architect Nicola De Pellegrini.

The concept

As already suggests the name, Monolite is a monumental project of redevelopment of a construction from the ’60 which was designated as a storage and whose location is along the SS73 bis road in Fano, in the Marche region, it comes back to a new life thanks to a new complex work of recovery that has completely the changed the aspect. In fact, the purpose was taking advantage of the natural majesty of the building to hold the exhibiting area of the new showroom of the Italian brand Gibam, a known institution in the Retail ed Hospitality sector which has collaborated for a long time with Anidride Design.

the new and imposing Gibam showroom balanced between innovation and minimalism

The project

The project, which is developed on only one level of 500mq, is identified because of its simplicity and impressiveness. It’s in fact a perfect parallelepiped, that has all its external walls made in black aluminum which create the effect of a monolith looking like it’s emerging from the earth. This represents a design choice that bets with the purity of the shapes, creating a time-space bond with the surrounding environment. The skin of the casing is pierced following a pattern which was inspired by the idea of dynamism of the contemporary world. This type of design combines elements that suggest movement, change and vitality, reflecting in this way the continuously evolving character of the world. The floor is raised and reachable from a staircase / ramp that confirms this sensation of rising to the top.

  • Esposizione settore Farmacia nello showroom Gibam di Fano

The interior space includes two expositive areas and a meeting room / materials library where to show the public the supply of the brand; those areas can be modified giving life to different exhibitions depending on the need.

The artificial light, that can be adjusted to create different effects, is a key element to this project; in fact, it is carefully studied to highlight the expositive spaces emphasizing the shown furniture in a unique atmosphere.

The design of the business spaces is a tangible reflection of the identity and the values of a brand – confirms Nicola De Pellegrini, founder of Anidride Design and famous for his projects that combines design and sustainability. The design, in his whole, communicates who we are and what we represent. The companies which invest in the design spaces, are investing in visual communication and in the essence of themselves and their brand, instilling a message of innovation, professionalism, and attention to detail. Each corner, each color and each furniture become a vehicle to tell our story and to involve our clients, creating a memorable experience that goes far beyond the offered products and services.”

  • La reception del nuovo showroom Gibam di Fano

The green choice – land saving

The reuse of existing buildings offers a few advantages that contribute to promote sustainability, to preserve the environment, to strengthen the local communities and to save economic and energy resources.

The materials

The principal material used for the project is the aluminum covering varnished in black with a particular iridescent paint, which can capture the light in a unique way, allowing the reflection of different colors and variable shades according to the angulation of the incident light and to the environmental conditions..

Anidride Design is born in 2011 thanks to an intuition of Nicola De Pellegrini, architect, and designer, and during the year it has gradually specified in interior design, product design, branding, and architecture. The Studio has realized projects in all the world, and since the beginning has built his success on the quality of the realizations, on the originality and enthusiasm with whom he is used to work, but also on the multiform capacities of his vast web of partners. In 2015, the architect Giovanni Bez, specialized in sustainability, joined the Anidride team. With the arrival of architect Bez, energy consultant for CasaClima –a method of energy certification of buildings –the bond with Anidride Design with sustainability has become even stronger. Thanks to a flexible and visionary approach, the Studio can work efficiently with any kind of brands, developing projects capable of satisfy even the most demanding costumers.

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