From an ordinary cellar to an extraordinary creative space

project for Smorta Tattoo studio

The Smorta Tattoo studio exemplifies how architecture can transform an ordinary space into an extraordinary environment, where every detail tells a story of creativity and passion.

In one of the main residential neighborhoods of the Sicilian city, the studio Puccio Collodoro Architetti transforms an old ground-floor cellar into an innovative and artistic space

The project for Smorta Tattoo studio skillfully utilized the pre-existing architecture, characterized by a regular environment and two large windows that flood the entire space with natural light. The high ceiling allowed for the seamless concealment of technological systems, preserving the spatial perception. Every detail was meticulously studied to offer an experience that transcends a simple tattoo session, transforming it into an immersive journey into the artist’s creative world.

The attention to detail, lines, and spatial composition reflects the client’s vision, resulting in a space that seems custom-made for him. From the main entrance, highlighted by a large window visible from the street, one accesses the reception area. Here, a stern counter is complemented by a majestic wall of hand-sculpted stone, with a backlit logo emphasizing its minimalist elegance. Two small service areas, a WC, and a fitting room, are hidden by flush doors in matching tones. To the left of the desk, a change in flooring introduces the waiting room, furnished with a built-in bench nestled between light cuts on the wall and ceiling.

  • Lo studio Smorta Tattoo rappresenta un esempio di come l'architettura possa trasformare uno spazio ordinario in un ambiente straordinario

Following are the drawing room, where large screened windows ensure the necessary privacy, and the tattoo room, the studio’s heart, entirely dominated by dark tones and illuminated by light cuts on the ceiling and walls, creating an intimate and enveloping atmosphere.

Smorta Tattoo

Location Gela (Caltanissetta) – Sicily
Area 55smq
Design Puccio Collodoro Architetti
Photo credits Benedetto Tarantino