Sergio Mannino Studio designs new Philadelphia Pharmacy to ignite change

Angel Care pharmacy

Angel Care Pharmacy chose Sergio Mannino Studio (SMS) to design a new neighborhood pharmacy in Philadelphia. Owned by Olivia Tchanque, this pharmacy is built on the belief that small actions can generate significant change within the community and beyond. With the expertise of Sergio Mannino Studio, Angel Care Pharmacy aims to positively impact people’s lives and provide support to those in need.

In recent years, Philadelphia has experienced the effects of the US drug crisis, mainly related to addiction to the painkiller OxyContin and its cheaper and more deadly substitute Fentanyl. The city is facing an urgent need for significant assistance to combat and reverse this dramatic trend effectively.

The design team at SMS worked closely with the owner to define the brand’s mission and values, crafting a space that reflects the pharmacy’s principles. Angel Care Pharmacy’s mission statement reads, “To provide the community with the best medical supplies and care they need,” while its vision is “To create an impact on society by caring for the people and their needs.”

Angel Care Pharmacy aims to be a pure and serene environment where customers can find solace and comfort. The design of the pharmacy is functional and modern, exuding a warm, welcoming, and calming atmosphere that instantly feels like home. Built with a low budget, the space has been meticulously curated, featuring elements such as a comfortable waiting area, a consultation room, and ample display space for products.

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The space

The pharmacy is housed within a building originally divided into two separate units by a structural wall. To create a functional retail space, the demising wall was carefully opened in two sections, connecting the two areas. A new partition was constructed to separate the RX space from the retail area. Due to budget constraints, the design focused only on the most essential visual and functional aspects.

The front section of the pharmacy is dedicated to the retail space, providing a warm and inviting atmosphere for customers to browse and wait for their prescriptions. To streamline the process, two windows were designated for medication pick-up and drop-off, ensuring convenience for customers.

Behind the scenes, the back area is specifically designed to accommodate the needs of pharmacists and production activities. Furthermore, a private consultation room allows customers to engage in confidential conversations with pharmacists, ensuring complete privacy and personalized care. 

Brand Identity

SMS also created the branding elements for Angel Care Pharmacy, including the logo, business cards, and marketing gadgets. The logo prominently showcases an angel wing, symbolizing protection and care. The overall branding draws inspiration from the pharmacy’s mission, focusing on community, care, and compassion.

Sergio Mannino, the founder of SMS, expressed his pride in collaborating on this project with Angel Care Pharmacy. He stated, “It is always inspiring to work with clients who possess a clear mission and a desire to make a difference in their community. We hope our design helps establish a welcoming, calming, and fresh environment for the pharmacy’s customers.”

Olivia, the owner of Angel Care Pharmacy, shared her belief in the profound impact of small actions and her vision for a pharmacy that embodies this philosophy. Olivia envisions Angel Care Pharmacy as a place that listens and gives hope, a place for the community, and a catalyst for change.

Angel Care Pharmacy aims to be a beacon of support and a catalyst for positive transformation within the community, contributing to a brighter future for all through its dedication to providing a welcoming and comforting environment.


Angel Care Pharmacy is also planting the seeds to ignite change in pharmacies’ operations by embracing compostable vials and bags instead of plastic packaging. With 60,000 prescriptions filled annually on average by each local pharmacy, the shift away from plastic has profound implications. Committed to reducing its ecological footprint, Angel Care Pharmacy diverts plastic bottles from landfills through compostable vials made from renewable resources. Their inspiring choices set an example for the healthcare industry, motivating others to follow suit and reduce plastic waste on a larger scale. Even in this field, Angel Care Pharmacy hopes that a small example will trigger a much greater change within the industry and the world.

  • Sergio Mannino Studio designs new Angel Care Pharmacy

Location Philadelphia – USA
Area 167 sqm
Design Sergio Mannino Studio (SMS)
Photo credit Sergio Mannino Studio

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