Sushidokoro Yamada by Phenomena design studio

Sushidokoro Yamada by Phenomena design studio

Tokyo based Phenomena design studio sign the project for the new Ginza’s Sushidokoro Yamada.

The restaurant, which was originally located in a corner of a building on Ginza 7-chome, has been relocated to the 3rd floor of Granbell Square, a newly built commercial complex in the same Ginza 7-chome area.

The L-shaped counter inside the store has 10 seats. The top, pedestal, and table are made of solid Japanese cypress, and the floor pillars are made of Kobushi logs, giving a sense of natural materials. The sides are finished with a woodgrain lacquer finish to create a space. The elements of a shoin-style tea room were combined into a sushi restaurant. There is a shrine installed in front of the counter, and a storage area behind the seats where you can store clothes, bags, carry-on cases, etc.

  • Sushidokoro Yamada by Phenomena design studio

The menu focuses on 15 pieces of nigiri, aged seeds, and the restaurant attempts to highlight the story the chef is weaving as a space, giving it a dignified appearance by eliminating vanity.

Location Ginza, Tokyo
Design Phenomena
Lead architect Takushi Tanaka
Photo credits Norihito Yamauchi