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Ksana, One City Centre, Bangkok – Thailand

Ksana is a brand of matcha green tea imported from Uji City, Kyoto Prefecture. The word “Ksana” comes from Sanskrit, meaning a small period of time. or balance. It is the root of the word “ขณะ” (ka-na) or “moment” in Thai, and in the root of the Japanese word “刹那” (setsuna) means time.

Regarding the interior design of the atmosphere, the brand imagery will not appear in color nor shape, or any material, but it aimed to create a memory of a deeper sense than that. The Surreal-minimalist atmosphere benefits the chaotic state escaping. in different ways that depend on the environment of the construction site context.

Ksana, One City Centre, Bangkok – Thailand

As for the flagship store, the first branch, there is a space under the stairs in the public area which is next to the public plaza, the front part of the project before entering the OCC, a large office building in the heart of Bangkok. In front of OCC is a large water feature that reflects the tall buildings around to look like a concrete mountain surrounding this area. Therefore, the teahouse was designed to be a place where you are escaping from the city to drink tea in the gorge or cave.

Inside the teahouse, which is under the stairs, is a low slope of the site, thus, it was taken this advantage as an inner cave space for those who want more privacy. To access the teahouse, we have to pass through a double glass door. The first section is for a takeaway and delivery pick-up area to reduce noise and chaos, and the second section is the sit & drink area. The cave walls are made of fiberglass, molded with CNC foam, then molded, scraped, and decorated by hands of sculpture from Art of Tea, alongside oak-colored tables and countertops that will accentuate the black stone teacups and dessert plates, and additional speakers decorated with artificial flowers by Japanese flower artist named Ganon florist.

  • Ksana, One City Centre, Bangkok

Design Juti Architects
Photo credits Peerapat Wimolrungkarat

2nd Floor, One City Centre, Unit R2-02, 548 Phloen Chit Rd, Lumphini, Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand