Tsikandilakis Lefteris & Architects designed ElefLab pharmacy in Lixouri, Greece.

scelta dei colori e dei materiali per il progetto della farmacia ElefLab

The brand-new innovational pharmacy-laboratory in Lixouri, Kefalonia is the first among others to follow forming the brand Neiris. The distinctive design inspired by the Ionian Sea unifies the point of sales with the preparation area, undoubtedly marking it the hubof the area.

Following the main underlying concept of connecting the laboratory and the sales point, Tsikandilakis Lefteris & Architects designed a spacious centralized selling and exhibiting spot with an open view of the laboratory. Clear glass openings allow for a wide view inside the preparation area, directly inviting the consumer to participate and connect with the products.

The products are displayed on shelving units positioned in circular motion around the space and in special showcases in the center. The brand logo is printed on the specially designed ceiling, creating in this way a unified aesthetic image which, combined with the lighting, completes the store atmosphere. 

  • scelta dei colori per l'interior design di una farmacia in Grecia

The natural element and the down to earth tone of the brand name with the modern design are conveyed through the choice of colors and materials. Blue color, as inspired by the Ionian Sea, prevails and dazzles whilst adding a dynamic character in the space.  

The exceptional design is also visible on the front view where the high-quality material and their intense character provide a taste of what is to follow. The combination of glass and metal creates a strong and compact pharmacy that rightfully earns its position in the local and the wider pharmaceutical industry. 

Location Lixouri, Kefalonia, Greece
Architectural firm Tsikandilakis Lefteris & Architects
Photo credit Andriana Karadinou

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