Cheung Kong Club Restaurant designed by MDO

Cheung Kong Club Restaurant designed by MDO

Emerging from deep bonds of friendship and nurtured by the Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, “Cheung Kong Club” is a testament to the genuine warmth that connects people. Its inception was marked by the founder’s regular gatherings with close companions, gradually giving rise to a haven of serenity where guests are welcomed with refined grace and treated to the flavors that evoke the essence of the four seasons in Jiangnan.

Located on the bustling Yanping Road in Shanghai, Cheung Kong Club offers a hidden and intriguing experience right from its discreet entrance. Ascending the steps, guests arrive at this hidden gem amidst the hustle and bustle, exploring its openness to historical architecture.

Cheung Kong Club Restaurant designed by MDO

Spanning the second and third floors of the entire building, Cheung Kong Club greets diners with an intimate reception space on the second floor. As the hidden door slowly opens, guests are truly welcomed into the restaurant. The space is enveloped in striking golden materials, and a captivating dynamic shadow puppet character guides diners upon entering, celebrating their arrival.

The wine cellar resembles a house of light suspended in the sky, composed of minimalist grid shapes and and Shanghai-style stained glass. The light is refracted by the begonia glass, casting shadows and creating a slow, orderly movement on the walls, evoking a quiet charm. The material selection blends the visual language of geometric patterns and emotions from old Shanghai, paying tribute to this city.

The light is refracted by the begonia glass

In the dimly lit corridor, vibrant floral arrangements bathed in soft light form a sculptural centerpiece. The energetic lattice screens, crafted from fine wood, and hand-painted bird and flower wallpapers exude a vintage style. The original sloping roof is preserved, while the arrangement of lights in the space creates a sense of visual depth, evoking a feeling of unconventionality and vitality.

A touch of mystery and exploration

At one end of the corridor, a hidden door made of rusted mirrors features a copper branch art handle handcrafted by an artist, as if growing within the mirror. Different textures of the space are reflected in carefully positioned mirrors, emphasizing and extending the unique internal journey of the restaurant. This adds a touch of mystery and exploration, while the tension and sculptural quality of the handle illuminate the artistic atmosphere of the space. Combined with the exclusive “锦” (jǐn) character symbol, it serves as a hidden message representing the theme of the space.

restaurant private room

With picturesque mountain scenery and elegant bamboo, the “锦”(jǐn) and “筠”(jūn) private rooms stand out. The dark-toned “锦”( jǐn)  room is surrounded by hand-painted floral wallpaper, decorative wall lamps, and lights on the round table, all paying homage to the Shanghai style. On the other hand, the light-toned “筠”(jūn) room showcases the theme of elegant bamboo, with materials and soft furnishings showcasing the unique charm of bamboo.

At the other end of the third-floor corridor, a hidden space awaits for diners to relax and enjoy themselves. The hidden door is designed as a display cabinet for botanical specimens, showcasing local ingredients that represent the region. The entertainment room itself is defined as an experience, a space for gatherings among friends and family. The warm-toned space acts as a container for adaptable colorful lighting and different themes, creating unexpected visual moments and unforgettable conversations.

Cheung Kong Club Restaurant

Location Shanghai
Area 400sqm
Design Team MDO(More Design Office)
Design Director Jaycee Chui、Justin Bridgland
Lead Designer Gao Da、He Lu、Dong Mengmeng
Assistant Designers Zhao Peng、Liu Qiannan、Huang Shuo、ZuoShuo、
Wang Mengyu、Yu Zhiran、Sun Fei
Photo credits Pianfang Studio